DISH Network serves customers with download speeds of up to 40Mbps using DSL and satellite internet from dishNET. PlanetDISH also partners with trusted, reliable cable, DSL, fiber and satellite internet service providers. These options allow you to choose the best internet speed and data allowance for any budget, lifestyle and location, including rural homes.

Does DISH have internet?

DISH Network provides both satellite and wired DSL internet through dishNET. These DISH internet plans are available across the nation, in almost any setting. For more cable, DSL, fiber and satellite internet options, we partner with trusted providers. DISH Network internet is supplied by dishNET and Planet DISH’s other partners include HughesNet, CenturyLink, EarthLink and more.

What Internet Does DISH Use?

You can choose from cable, DSL, fiber and satellite internet options, depending on where you live. Almost endless internet plans for any home nation-wide are made possible by the companies we use to provide internet for our customers. DISH’s high-speed internet, even in rural locations, can keep you connected to your family, friends and favorite online entertainment.

Cable internet provides internet service to homes using the same cables that transmit TV signals. DSL uses a similar technology to cable internet, but instead of using cable TV lines, the internet service travels over phone lines. Unlike dial-up, you can still use your phone while using the internet with DSL. These services are available where wiring already exists.

Fiber internet is sent to homes over a glass conductor, which is not affected by any electrical interference from existing cables or lightning. The service is fast and the infrastructure is easy to maintain. However, these glass transmitters have only reached a few areas in the country, so fiber internet is not available in many homes.

Satellite internet uses the same technology as your DISH TV package to provide your home with internet. The internet signal is first sent through the orbiting satellite before reaching your home’s DISH satellite. This technology is ideal for remote homes with no access to other internet options.

How Fast is DISH Internet?

DISH offers many high-speed internet options. dishNET Wireline, a DSL internet option from DISH, provides download speeds up to 40Mbps. With satellite internet, even rural homes can enjoy speeds as fast as 15Mbps when downloading. That’s more than enough speed to access email, check social media and even stream video. The providers we use for other internet options offer high-speed downloads and uploads as well.

How Reliable is DISH Internet?

Both dishNET and Planet DISH’s partners provide internet on established infrastructures that can be trusted for reliable service. For families and businesses that rely on the secure transmission of information, fiber and satellite internet options are safest. While speeds may be slower during times of high use and severe weather, internet is a reliable way to keep your home or business connected.

How Do I Use DISH Internet for Wi-Fi?

Creating a wireless signal throughout your home is easy with DISH internet. Why do you need Wi-Fi throughout you home? Having wireless internet makes it easy to move from room to room with your laptop, tablet or smartphone connected to the internet – no cords necessary.

To enable your house with Wi-Fi, you must choose a router to disperse your internet signal, creating wireless internet. Choosing the best router depends on many factors, including:

  • Your budget
  • Your home’s size
  • The features you desire
Stay Connected With DISH Network Internet!