Watching Netflix on DISH Network requires a Netflix subscription or free trial and a DISH Hopper with Sling or Hopper 3 HD DVR. Log into your Netflix account once and simply choose the Netflix user who is watching. Now, thanks to the Netflix app on DISH, you don’t have to change TV inputs or remotes to watch.

How Do You Get Netflix on DISH?

Using Netflix on DISH makes entertainment more convenient. You don’t have to worry about switching your TV input to another device; simply choose the Netflix app from your Hopper’s menu. Enter your email and password to add your existing Netflix account to the Hopper. Log in once and the app will keep you logged in.

You’ll be asked each time you open the app which Netflix user is watching for customized viewing. Netflix organizes and personalizes your recently watched shows and suggestions based on each user’s profile. There is also a “Kids” tab, as well as parental controls that complement DISH’s dedication to safe entertainment for every member of your family.

If you aren’t a Netflix customer, sign up and receive a free trial. You can watch Netflix on DISH using your free trial to enjoy the full experience before buying a full Netflix subscription. Netflix is included in DISH’s universal search for easy navigation. Transition seamlessly from watching past seasons of your favorite shows on Netflix to the new episodes you recorded on you Hopper.

Netflix on the DISH Hopper

When you log into your Netflix account on the Hopper, you no longer have to switch TV inputs and remotes. The Hopper shares all of its features with the Joeys in your home. This means that each TV connected to DISH Network with a Joey has access to Netflix too, all with the press of a button. Now, Netflix on DISH is a possibility anywhere in your home, from the living room to the basement, from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Other DISH Network Apps

Netflix is only one of the Hopper apps that add entertainment and convenience to your TV. The Hopper also gives you access right on your TV to:

  • Social networks like Facebook
  • Sports Overlay for the latest scores
  • Music from Pandora and VEVO
  • DISH home channel for news and more
  • Interactive games like I–playTV and Tetris
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