To connect your home to internet from DISH, choose the type of internet plan you would like. This depends on factors like how fast you need your internet to be and how much you use the internet, as well as your monthly budget. Where you live can also be a factor when choosing your internet plan.

Give us a call to learn more about which options are right for your home and family. We’ll pair you with the perfect internet solution and schedule installation to keep you connected.

Choose a DISH Internet Plan

Deciding what internet plan is right for your family and your home can be a challenge. With DSL, cable, fiber and satellite options, we can help you choose internet that fits your budget, lifestyle and location. Plans start at just $14.95 per month.

Are you a casual internet user, checking emails and using Google? Or do you love streaming movies and gaming online? This will determine the speed and data allowance you’ll need. If you live in a remote location, satellite internet may deliver a faster, more reliable signal than a wired connection.

Add Internet to a DISH TV Package

When you subscribe to a TV package and join the DISH family, we’ll also ask you about your internet needs. It’s easy to add DISH internet to any TV package. Bundle with dishNET to save almost $250 over 2 years. Any DISH TV customer can add high-speed internet, with wired and satellite options for every budget and location.

Add internet to any DISH TV package for as low as $14.95 per month. Planet DISH’s trusted partners offer DSL, cable, fiber and satellite internet solutions. Reliable service is available nation-wide at affordable price points for any lifestyle.

DISH Internet Plans for Existing Customers

Any existing DISH TV customer can add internet to their TV package. Choose from the same internet options available to new customers and get high-speed access, even in rural locations. dishNET is perfect for existing customers. Save $10 per month and receive one convenient monthly bill when you bundle internet and TV from DISH.

Where is DISH Internet Available?

Planet DISH offers almost endless internet options, thanks to the industry-leading providers we partner with. Both high-speed wired and satellite internet are available in communities nation-wide. Options include DSL, cable, fiber and satellite solutions for any budget.

dishNET satellite internet can reach even remote homes with download speeds of up to 15Mbps. The wired technology of dishNET Wireline is constantly expanding to service communities with fast, reliable DSL internet. Adding internet from DISH is easy, no matter where you live.

Stay Connected With DISH Network Internet!