Hopper 3How Many Shows Can The Hopper Hold?

With the Hopper 3 HD DVR from DISH, you can record up to 16 shows simultaneously. That’s double the amount of any other DVR available! This is because of the Hopper 3’s unheard of 16 tuners, which let you watch and record tons of your favorite shows, catch all the games you want, and save movies for later.

Why Upgrade to the Hopper from DISH?

The Hopper has 16 tuners for zero conflicts. When you can watch and record up to 16 channels at once from anywhere in your home or on-the-go, no one will miss their favorite show. Use your smartphone or tablet to set and control your Hopper DVR from the couch or office.

You can transfer your Hopper recordings straight to your phone for on-the-go entertainment. This is great if you’re on an airplane, traveling roads without cell phone service or just don’t want to use your phone plan’s data allowances.

Record More with the Hopper

PrimeTime Anytime automatically records all primetime TV shows on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. All of these channels use only one tuner to record and don’t use storage space in your Hopper, minimizing their impact on your system so you can record and store other shows.

Features like the ability to record 16 shows at once make the DISH Hopper a must-have for families and frequent travelers. TV lovers and sports fans that aren’t often home when their favorite shows and teams are broadcast will also love how easy it is to record and watch tons of programs with the Hopper HD DVR no matter where they are.

Let DISH Change The Way You Watch TV With The Hopper!