Watch TV everywhere with DISH Anywhere. When you visit the website or download the free app, you can access thousands of On Demand TV episodes, trailers and movies, all at no cost. Log in with your DISH account and connect to your Sling-enabled Hopper or DVR to watch live TV and any of your DVR recordings.

How Does DISH Anywhere Work?

Watch DISH TV everywhere when you use the free DISH Anywhere app or visit on your computer. You can watch On Demand content from the app or website without any other steps! If you’re a DISH customer, log in with your DISH username and password to access more content from the channels you love. When you log in, you can also view the TV guide and set your DVR to record a program from the guide.

If you would like to access live TV from your DISH TV package and DVR recordings, connect your Hopper with Sling or Hopper 3 DVR to the internet. You can also use the Hopper or another DVR that is connected to a Sling Adapter. Select your Sling-enabled receiver on DISH Anywhere to:

  • Watch live streamed TV
  • Choose a show from the guide to watch
  • Access your recorded programs

How to Use DISH Anywhere

Getting DISH Anywhere is easy! Just visit the website at and search to find the shows, movies and video clips you love. To take DISH everywhere you go, download the free DISH Anywhere app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Log in with your DISH account to access even more content on-the-go.

If you’re a DISH customer, log in to DISH Anywhere for access to On Demand content from the channels you subscribe to. Plus, access your DVR recordings and set your Hopper DVR from your smart phone or tablet no matter if you’re on the couch or on-the-go. If your DISH TV package includes premium channels, such as HBO, Starz and TNT, your DISH Anywhere account will include on-the-go content from those channels as well.

Is DISH Anywhere Free?

Yes! There are thousands of movies, TV episodes and video clips like trailers available for everyone on DISH Anywhere for free. No matter if you’re a DISH customer or not, you can enjoy the convenient entertainment of DISH Anywhere. Everyone will love the On Demand TV shows and movies, complete with trailers, a parental guide and suggested related titles.

What Devices Support the DISH Anywhere App?

The free DISH Anywhere app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play for your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet. You can also use the Kindle Fire HDX app to watch On Demand and live TV. Use DISH Anywhere on any computer with an internet connection by visiting

The free DISH Anywhere app works just like the website, allowing you to watch On Demand content from tons of TV shows and movies. Log in to watch live TV from your DISH subscription and recorded shows, movies and sports stored on your DVR. You can also reference the guide for upcoming programming and set your Hopper to record from anywhere.

How to Watch DISH Anywhere Without Internet

When you log in to access your DVR recordings from your Sling-enabled Hopper or DVR, you can choose to transfer the recordings to your device’s memory. This way, you can access your stored programs without access to the internet. It’s the perfect solution for long flights and underground commutes. Transferring recordings to your phone makes sense for the times when you don’t want to spend your phone plan’s data catching up on your favorite TV shows.

DISH Anywhere uses the internet to stream movies and TV shows, whether you are logged in with a DISH account or not. It is not possible to stream this On Demand content or your live TV without an internet connection.

Take TV With You Wherever You Go With DISH Anywhere!