Sling technology from DISH lets you take TV on-the-go. Using either a Sling Adapter or the Hopper with Sling already built in, you can send your live TV channels and recorded shows, movies and sports to your smartphone, tablet or computer. This lets you watch your TV package via the internet no matter where you are.

What is a DISH Sling Adapter?

A DISH Sling Adapter transforms the satellite signal used by your Hopper or other DVR into a signal that can be sent via the internet. With a slim design, despite powerful technology, the Sling Adapter is easy to conceal when slipped right on top of your DVR. There is no monthly fee to use the DISH Sling Adapter with your DVR, so enjoy unlimited on-the-go TV for long trips, daily commutes, or to make sure you never miss the game.

How does the DISH Sling Adapter work?

Connect your Hopper to a Sling Adapter and the internet to watch live TV and your DVR recordings on your phone, tablet or laptop with DISH Anywhere. To send the TV programs you love to your phone, the DISH Sling Adapter compresses the satellite channel signals used by your DVR into signals sent via the internet.

The Sling Adapter works not only with the Hopper, but also with other DISH DVRs, including the ViP 722/722k HD DuoDVR. The DISH Sling Adapter and your DVR connect using the USB port on the front of your DVR. Depending on your home internet, the signal over which your TV channels are sent may be wired or wireless internet. Your internet quality and speed will also affect how your DISH Anywhere works.

How Much is a DISH Sling Adapter?

Adding a Sling Adapter to your Hopper or ViP 722 allows you to take your DISH subscription on-the-go. With no monthly cost, there’s no reason not to add value to your TV package and DVR capabilities. Now, DISH can join you on the road, at the office, with the kids or with the guys, all for no monthly fee.

The DISH Hopper with Sling

If you have a DISH Hopper with Sling or a DISH Hopper 3 HD DVR, your Sling technology is included in your DVR. You don’t need a Sling Adapter, because your Sling Adapter is built in. You get all of the perks and functionality of Sling, already included in your DVR. Watch TV anywhere on your iOS or Android phone and tablet, or on any computer with an internet connection.

Take TV With You Wherever You Go With Sling Technology!