Taiwanese Mega Pack

As Low As $39.99/month (for 12 months)!

The Taiwanese Mega Pack offers the most popular Taiwanese TV channels for as low as $39.99/mo. (for 12 months). DISH now offers the Taiwanese Mega Pack, providing you the most top-rated Taiwanese channels in one package. Taiwanese Mega Pack offers 21 fantastic Mandarin channels delivered in 100% digital quality, bringing you the top-rated political talk shows and news, most popular variety and entertainment shows, hottest drama and movies, children’s programming directly from Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong and other regions 24 hours a day. Get the Taiwanese TV you deserve with the Taiwanese Mega Pack from DISH.

DISH Taiwanese TV Promotions:

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  • FREE Blockbuster @Home for 3 Months
  • FREE Professional Installation
  • FREE HD for LIFE
  • FREE Local Channels
  • Internet starting at just $14.95/mo.

1. Choose Your Base TV Package

Select one of these DISH TV Packages starting as low as $10/mo. Then choose the Taiwanese TV Package that suits your needs! Don’t see a package built for your needs below? View all DISH TV Packages here.

  • AMERICA'S TOP 120+
    $54.99/ MO
    • logos120
    • 190+ Channels
    • Free Hopper Upgrade²
    $69.99/ MO
    • logos200
    • 235+ Channels
    • Free Hopper Upgrade²
    $79.99/ MO
    • logos250
    • 290+ Channels
    • Free Hopper Upgrade²
  • DISH Flex Pack
    $39.99/ MO
    • logosevery
    • 50+ Channels & FREE Bonus Pack
    • Free Hopper Upgrade²

2. Select Your Taiwanese TV Package

Language packages and add-on channel packs must be purchased with one of the DISH TV base package options shown above.

Taiwanese Mega Pack – $29.99/mo.

Channel [V]DISH Network FYIET ChinaET Drama
 ET Financial News ET Global ET News Formosa TV
 GETV Jet TV International One World Sports PAS
 SETI Sky Link Television Sky Link Television 2Star Chinese
 Star Chinese Movies TTV TVBS UBN

Taiwanese Elite Pack – $19.99/mo.

DISH now presents the Taiwanese Elite Pack, featuring a 100% Taiwanese TV service at an everyday low price. Taiwanese Elite Pack offers the top 5 Taiwanese channels to bring you the latest news coverage, comprehensive point of views from different political parties, hottest dramas and most exciting variety shows, all in 100% digital quality.

ET DramaET GlobalET News Formosa TV
GETVOne World Sports
Get The Taiwanese TV Channels You Love, With The Taiwanese Mega Pack!