Write For Us


Write for Us

A Little Bit About Us:

Planet DISH focuses on bringing all things TV/Entertainment related under one roof to help readers discover, relate, review and compare current trends. Whether it’s recapping the hottest show, discovering the newest entertainment technology or finding the next great film to watch, Planet DISH’s Entertainment Today Blog has our readers covered!

What We’re Looking For:

As you know, Planet DISH covers a wide variety of entertainment topics and we’re looking for writers to help in every section of the site. We’re happy to consider interest from any writer but we’re particularly looking for help in the following categories: TV, TV Recaps, Movies, TV Technology, Music and TV News.

Anyone interested in writing for us must be committed and passionate. Ideally, we are looking for writers who will continually generate useful content for this site. Every post must be of high quality and at minimum 300 words. Low quality/spammy articles will not be posted on the site.

What You Get Out Of It:

Exposure – your article gets on a site with 3,000+ daily sessions.

Link – each article can include ONE link to your site. We will never remove the article once posted to the site.

Authority – Get your article on a site with 15+ DA.

Article Submission Process:

  1. Before writing the article please submit the proposed title, brief article overview and to which site the link in your post will point at to [email protected] with the subject line of “Guest Post Submission.”
  2. Within 3 business days you will be notified if your proposed article is a good fit for the site.
  3. If the article has been accepted please write at minimum 300 words, and if you would like to include images please make sure they are 100% legal/free to use or share. Stock images can be provided for a small cost.
  4. You may include at most 1 link to your site, and up to 3 links to resource based sites.
  5. Please send complete article to [email protected].
  6. Your article will be fully reviewed and edited and then posted to the site. You will be notified with a link to the article.