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190+ Channels

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High Speed Internet


High Speed Internet

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Next Day Installation!



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Save A Bundle With DISH Network TV & Internet!

Save A Bundle With DISH Network TV + Internet!

  • TV packages with 190+ channels starting at just $59.99/mo.
  • Lock in your TV bill with a 2 year TV price guarantee
  • Add High-speed internet for as low as $14.95/mo.
  • Experience power and speed with high speed internet options available nationwide!

Discover the Value of DISH

  • The Hopper® 3 smart HD DVR enables you to watch TV anywhere
  • Watch and record over 16 shows at once
  • Experience 4k ultra HD picture quality
  • Integrated Netflix, YouTube, plus dozens more apps
Discover the Value of DISH
Get Connected with High Speed Internet

Get Connected with High Speed Internet

  • As low as $14.95/mo (where available)
  • Options available nationwide
  • Connect to our Hopper 3 to stream Netflix and other apps
  • Flexible options for every household

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