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USA Network DISH LatinoBien Sports DISH LatinoCbeebies DISH LatinoESPN Deportes DISH Network

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DISH Latino Plus Channel List

AMCCine LatinoDe PeliculaDe Pelicula Clasico
Baby TVCartoon NetworkCbeebiesDisney XD
BoomerangCartoon Network (w)Discovery Familia
beIN SportsESPN DeportesNBA League PassUnivision Deportes
beIN Sports 2Fox DeportesUnivision Deportes
Azteca AmericaTeleFórmulaUnivision Foro TVWeather Channel
America LiveHome Shopping Network 2PrayerTV Espanola International
BandamaxIDEARocks TVUniMas
Centroamerica TVIn Country TelevisionSALEUniMas (W)
Discovery en EspanolJewelry TelevisionSiriusXM – 70+ Music ChannelsUnivision
DishCD – 30+ Music ChannelsLiquidation ChannelSonlife Broadcasting NetworkUnivision Oeste
FOX LifeMercury TelevisionSyfyUnivision TLnovelas
Free Preview Guidemun2TBSUSA
FusionNatGeo MundoTeleHitWAPA America
GalavisionNuestra TeleTelemundoWEtv
Gems and JewelrynuvoTVTelemundo OesteYouTV
History en EspanolPasionesTr3s: MTV & Musica y Mas
DISH Latino Plus

DISH Latino Plus

All your favorite channels in Spanish and English are on DishLatino Plus. Get more than 190 channels for just $34.99 per month. The biggest soccer matches and more are on ESPN Deportes, FOX Deportes and beIN Sports. Catch drama on Galavisión, Pasiones and Univision TLNovelas. Plus, watch AMC, Cartoon Network, CNN en Español, TBS and more.

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Promotions from DishLATINO give you more value than other TV providers. Get next day installation for free. Enjoy your DishLATINO Plus channels in HD for life, all for free! Local channels like ABC, CBS, FOX, Estrella and Univision are included in your package price, where available. Premium channels like HBO and Showtime are free for three months when you subscribe to DISH.

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DISH Latino Plus and $14.95 Internet

Add High Speed Internet to DishLATINO Plus

Stay connected with TV and internet packages from DISH. Get internet as low as $14.95 per month, with DSL, cable, fiber and satellite options. No matter where you live or what your budget is, DISH has an internet plan for you. When you bundle DishLATINO Plus with dishNET satellite or DSL internet, you save $10 per month.

Watch the Best Telenovelas on DISH

Keep up with your favorite telenovela characters on Galavisión, Pasiones and Univision TLNovelas. Spend your day with A Que No Me Dejas, Virgen Morena and more. Primetime favorites like Los Cowboys, Sila and Vino el Amor are all on dishLATINO Plus. You’ll also be able to enjoy movies in Spanish on Cinelatino and De Película.!

DISH Network Movie Lovers
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DISH Network Sports Channels

Watch soccer, tennis, basketball, boxing and more on your favorite sports channels with DishLATINO Plus. The best games from Mexico, Argentina and Europe are on DISH with ESPN Deportes and Univision Deportes. Catch must-see matches live on Spanish channels like beIN Sports en Español and FOX Deportes. Plus, get soccer and rugby from leagues around the world on beIN Sports.

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With DishLATINO Plus, you get 190+ channels, including dozens of Spanish channels, all for $34.99 per month with 2 year price lock. DIRECTV Optimo Más Todo includes many of the same channels, but costs $93.00 per month after just one year. With DISH Network, we’ll install TV in up to 6 rooms for free; DIRECTV includes only 4.

DISH Latino vs. Directv


Upgrade to the Hopper HD DVR with no upfront fees. Pay only a $10 per month DVR fee and get Zona Fútbol for free! With Zona Fútbol, find the matches you want to see and watch up to six games at once. Plus, with DISH Anywhere, watch La Liga, Serie A and more on your computer or smartphone no matter where you are.

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DishLATINO Plus Packages Reviews

DISH Network customers rate us 4.5 / 5 stars (based on 320 reviews)


Nicole S – Verified Review
Nice Selection Of Channels

I like the selection that DISH offers and the control I have over what channels I am paying for. It works out well once my husband and I like different channels.


Pamela S – Verified Review
Tons of flexibility

My price stayed the same when I switched to Dish but they offered so much more flexibility with what channels I wanted. Really happy with the overall service.


Miko N – Verified Review
Hopper 3

The hopper has a crazy amount of storage. The whole family records their regular shows on it. We even recorded 5 shows at once one time.


Evan M – Verified Review
Much Happier With Dish

Compared to directv, Dish offers a lot more and doesn’t rip you off when it comes to price. I’m so much happier with my service now.

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*All offers require credit qualification, 2-Year commitment with early termination fee and eAutoPay.
**Free Hopper upgrade available with qualifying packages.
¹*HBO®, Cinemax®, Showtime®, Starz© and the DISH Movie Pack movie channels free for first 3 months. 24 month agreement required.