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DISH Latino Plus Channel List

Alma Vision Hispanic Cine SonyGRITRussia Today
AMCCNN En Espanol History En EspanolShepherd’s Chapel Network
Antena Tres Internacional C-SPANHome Shopping NetworkSMART
AXS TV CSPRTHome Shopping Network 2Sonlife Broadcasting Network
AZ Cinema CubaMax HOPRSyfy Channel
AZ ClicDiscovery Impact Network TBN
Azteca America Discovery en EspañolIn Country Television TBS
Baby First Dish Network FYI INSP Teleformula
Baby TV Disney XD Jewelry Television Telemundo
BEAUT DPLCLJusticeTelemundo Oeste
beIN Sport El Rey NetworkKids and Teens TelevisionThree Angels Broadcasting
beIN Sports en Espanol Enlace LAFF TV TV Espanola International
Believer’s Voice of Victory EPICLink Television Universo
Boomerang ESPN DeportesMLMDSUnivision Deportes
BUZZR Estrella TVMTV Tr3s Univision Foro TV
BYU Television Estudio 5 MXCNLUnivision TL Novelas
Caracol TV Internacional Eternal Word Television NASAUSA Network
Cartoon NetworkEVINE LiveNatGeo Mundo Velocity
Cartoon Network WestFaith USANick Jr. Videorola
Cbeebies FETVNuestra Tele V-ME
Centroamerica TV FOX Deportes PasionesWapa America
CGTN Espanol Free Speech TV PursuitWeatherNation
CGTNNFuseQVCWomen’s Entertainment
Christian Television Network Fusion QVC2Zee Mundo
Cine Latino Gem Shopping Network REAL

DISH Latino Plus Channel List

Alma Vision Hispanic GRIT
AMCHistory En Espanol
Angel One HITN
Antena Tres Internacional Home Shopping Network
AXS TV Home Shopping Network 2
AZ Cinema HOPR
AZ ClicImpact Network
Azteca America In Country Television
Baby First INSP
Baby TV Jewelry Television
BEAUT Justice
beIN Sport Kids and Teens Television
beIN Sports en Espanol LAFF TV
Believer’s Voice of Victory Link Television
Boomerang MLMDS
BYU Television MXCNL
Caracol TV Internacional NASA
Cartoon NetworkNatGeo Mundo
Cartoon Network WestNick Jr.
Cbeebies Nuestra Tele
Centroamerica TV Pasiones
CGTN Espanol Pursuit
Christian Television Network QVC2
Cine Latino REAL
Cine SonyRussia Today
CNN En Espanol Shepherd’s Chapel Network
CSPRTSonlife Broadcasting Network
CubaMax Syfy Channel
Discovery TBN
Discovery en EspañolTBS
Dish Network FYI Teleformula
Disney XD Telemundo
DPLCLTelemundo Oeste
El Rey NetworkThree Angels Broadcasting
Enlace TV Espanola International
ESPN DeportesUnivision Deportes
Estrella TVUnivision Foro TV
Estudio 5 Univision TL Novelas
Eternal Word Television USA Network
EVINE LiveVelocity
Faith USAVideorola
FOX Deportes Wapa America
Free Speech TV WeatherNation
FuseWomen’s Entertainment
Fusion Zee Mundo
Gem Shopping Network

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DISH Latino Plus

DISH Latino Plus

All your favorite channels in Spanish and English are on DishLatino Plus. Get more than 190 channels for just $44.99* per month. The biggest soccer matches and more are on ESPN Deportes, FOX Deportes and beIN Sports. Catch drama on Telemundo, Pasiones and Univision TLNovelas. Plus, watch AMC, Cartoon Network, CNN en Español, TBS and more.

*All offers require credit qualification, 2-Year commitment with early termination fee and eAutoPay.


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Promotions from DishLATINO give you more value than other TV providers. Get next day installation for free. Enjoy your DishLATINO Plus channels in HD for life, all for free! Local channels like ABC, CBS, FOX, Estrella and Univision are included in your package price, where available. Premium channels like Showtime, Starz and DISH Movie Pack are free for three months* when you subscribe to DISH.

*After 3 mos., you will be billed $30/mo. for Showtime, Starz and the DISH Movie Pack unless you call to cancel..

Get Great Value with DISH Deals
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Stay connected when you subscribe to an internet plan from on of Planet DISH’s partners. Get internet as low as $14.95 per month in select markets, with DSL, cable, fiber and satellite options. No matter where you live or what your budget is, there’s an internet plan for you.


Watch the Best Telenovelas on DISH

Keep up with your favorite telenovela characters on Telemundo, Pasiones and Univision TLNovelas. Spend your day with A Que No Me Dejas, Virgen Morena and more. Primetime favorites like Los Cowboys, Sila and Vino el Amor are all on dishLATINO Plus. You’ll also be able to enjoy movies in Spanish on Cinelatino and De Película!

Watch the Best Telenovelas on DISH
DISH Network Sports Channels

DISH Network Sports Channels

Watch soccer, tennis, basketball, boxing and more on your favorite sports channels with DishLATINO Plus. The best games from Mexico, Argentina and Europe are on DISH with ESPN Deportes and Univision Deportes. Catch must-see matches live on Spanish channels like beIN Sports en Español and FOX Deportes. Plus, get soccer and rugby from leagues around the world on beIN Sports.

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With DishLATINO Plus, you get 190+ channels, including dozens of Spanish channels, all for $44.99 per month with 2 year price lock. DIRECTV Optimo Más Todo includes many of the same channels, but costs $93.00 per month after just one year. With DISH Network, we’ll install TV in up to 6 rooms for free; DIRECTV includes only 4.

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dishLATINO Plus Frequently Asked Questions

What channels does DishLATINO have?

DishLATINO Plus has over 190 channels, both in English and Spanish. Watch sports on beIN SPORTS and ESPN Deportes. Telenovelas are on channels like Telemundo and Pasiones. The whole family will love AMC, History en Español and Disney XD.

What channel is Telemundo on DISH?

Telemundo East is channel 835 on DishLATINO Plus. For Telemundo West, turn to channel 836. You can enjoy novelas, entertainment news, sports from around the world and more. Drama and sports are on all day for the best DishLATINO entertainment.

How much is DishLATINO?

When you get DishLATINO Plus, pay $44.99 per month with a 2 year price lock. You get 190+ channels in English and Spanish and a Hopper Smart HD DVR is included in your package price.

Exceptional Customer Experience