dishNET uses both satellite and DSL internet to reliably keep DISH customers connected. The internet becomes accessible on your computer and other connected devices using either a wireless satellite signal or existing phone lines. To create a Wi-Fi signal and access the internet on smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles, add a router to your system.

DISH Satellite Internet

Satellite internet works just like your satellite TV from DISH. A signal is sent from the internet to a satellite above the Earth. This signal is sent to the dish at your home, which transmits the signal to the computer inside your house via a wired connection. Information downloads from the internet using a satellite via this process. To upload to the internet, the process works in reverse.

Satellite internet from dishNET is a great solution for customers who live outside the reach of traditional internet connections, including cable and DSL. Using a satellite for internet is much faster than dialup, very secure and only rarely affected by weather. In fact, DISH has a 99.9% reliable signal.

What is dishNET Wireline? DSL from DISH

DISH DSL, or digital subscriber line, internet uses the existing phone lines in your community to send an internet signal into your home. Because phone calls take up so little room in the phone lines, there is space left over to transmit an internet signal. This space is largely reserved for downloads from the internet to your computer or other device, so that the download speed you experience is as fast as possible.

dishNET Wireline uses this fast, affordable signal to service your home or business with internet. Currently available in 26 states, dishNET DSL service is perfect for more active internet users. Download speeds allow for HD video streaming, gaming online and connecting multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, TVs and gaming consoles.

Internet Availability with DISH

dishNET satellite internet is available across the country, even in rural areas without access to DSL or cable internet. Satellite internet service is as fast as 4G, with speeds up to 15Mbps. That’s up to 150 times speedier than a dialup connection! For optimal internet access, your dishNET satellite dish will need a clear view of the southern sky. Ever-expanding DISH DSL is currently available in 26 states.

Can I Connect to Wi-Fi with dishNET?

Using dishNET to create wireless internet throughout your home or office is easy. With Wi-Fi, you can stay connected to the internet anywhere in your home on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. To create Wi-Fi in your home, simply add a router to your system. Choosing the right router for your home depends on a variety of factors and features. It’s important to consider the size of your home, the performance you desire, ease of setup and a router’s compatibility with dishNET.

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