DISH JoeyWhat is a DISH Joey?

The Joey, Super Joey and 4K Joey are all DISH receivers that connect to your home’s Hopper. Set up a Joey with each TV in your house, no matter where it might be. Then, sync your Joeys with your Hopper to watch your TV package and access the features of the DISH Hopper DVR throughout your home.

Are DISH Joeys Wireless?

Joeys from DISH are available in wired and wireless versions for seamless entertainment anywhere in your home. Your Joey can be connected to your Hopper using a coaxial cable, or go wireless for a cord-free, mobile experience. The wireless Joey is perfect if you don’t want extra cables or would like to move your TV throughout your home!

The wireless Joey receiver lets you create whole-home entertainment without worrying about hiding wired connections. If you move a TV, relocating your DISH Joey receiver is easy as well. You’ll always have access to the channels, stored programming and Hopper features you love.

What Does the DISH Network Joey Cost?

Adding the DISH TV Joey to your TV package helps create a whole-home entertainment system, without hurting your wallet. You can connect up to 6 TVs with Joeys or 4K Joeys to the Hopper 3 DVR for $7 per month each. Add Super Joeys for more DVR power for a monthly cost of just $10.

The Joey receiver, both wired and wireless, effortlessly distributes your TV package’s channels and the Hopper’s features to additional TVs. If you love high-tech gadgets and crystal-clear images, consider the 4K Joey for your 4K TV. Add the Super Joey and get two additional tuners for more watching and recording than with just the Hopper. The DISH Super Joey shares hard drive space with the Hopper, sending back its recorded shows, movies and sports to the Hopper to be enjoyed anywhere in your home or on-the-go.

How Many Joeys per Hopper?

With the Hopper 3, send TV, movies, sports and recorded programming to six DISH Joeys throughout your home. That means watching on a total of 7 TVs, all powered by one Hopper 3 from DISH. Each of the six TVs, connected with wireless or wired Joeys, have access to the features of the Hopper 3 HD DVR from DISH.

Up to three Joeys can be supported by a single Hopper or Hopper 2. Want to add more, for the basement, kitchen or kids’ bedrooms? Consider adding a second Hopper to your home. While you will pay a second DVR fee, you also gain more tuners for additional recording, as well as twice the hard drive space for even more recorded TV shows, your favorite movies and can’t-miss sports.

How Does the DISH Joey Work?

The Hopper DVR serves as your home’s primary DISH receiver. The channel package you subscribe to, free channel previews, DVR capabilities and DISH Anywhere can all be accessed through this receiver. However, the Hopper is only connected to one TV in your home. It’s easy to solve this problem – add Joeys to each TV in your home. These Joeys sync with your Hopper to give all of your connected TVs the ability to use all of the DISH Hopper’s features.

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