DISH Hopper Netflix App

The DISH Hopper Netflix App

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The DISH Hopper offers tons of apps, including YouTube, DISH Music, Hopper Arcade, Facebook and Amazon Music. One of our most popular app options is Netflix, which lets you log in to your Netflix account and stream your favorite TV shows and movies through the app on your TV.

DISH and Netflix are the Perfect Pair

Why is the Hopper Netflix app so great? There are a few reasons to integrate your Netflix account with your DISH receiver! Check them out:
  • There’s no need to switch devices or inputs when you want to choose between live TV, recorded programming and Netflix.
  • Search for your favorite show or actor with DISH’s integrated search and results from your TV package channels, recorded episodes and Netflix’s catalog will all appear.
  • Use voice control to ask Alexa to find a show, movie or actor on your Hopper and she’ll include Netflix titles in the results.
  • Log in once and stay logged in. Your separate viewer profiles will be available through the app and your viewing history syncs across your different devices. Start watching on your phone and finish on your TV!
  • Watch Netflix on your Hopper or your Joeys for streaming in any room of your house.
  • The Hopper3’s 4K capabilities let you enjoy Netflix’s 4K programing on your 4K TV in ultra high definition. The Hopper with Sling and Joey offer 1080p HD images.

DISH Hopper Netflix App FAQs

Since launching the DISH Hopper Netflix App, we’ve received a few questions about how to take advantage of this integration.

How to Download Apps on DISH Hopper

To use Netflix and other apps on your Hopper, choose the “Menu” or “Apps” button on your remote (depending on which remote you have). Netflix, along with all of the other apps DISH offers on the Hopper and Joey, will all be available. Simply log in to the apps you want to use.

How to Get Netflix on DISH Hopper

Your Hopper includes the Netflix app; just log in to your Netflix account (or sign up for a new one) to start watching the thousands of titles available.

Does Netflix on DISH Use WiFi?

Just like streaming from Netflix on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, watching movies and TV on the DISH Hopper Netflix app uses the internet. If you have WiFi in your home, connecting your Hopper to the WiFi will give you internet access. You can also connect an Ethernet cable to your Hopper with the port on the back of the receiver.

For more information about the Hopper and its apps, check out our full list on DISH Hopper FAQs.

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