EPIX Drive-In

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What Channel is EPIX Drive-In on DISH?

What Channel is EPIX Drive-In on DISH?

EPIX Drive-In is on DISH channel 292. EPIX Drive-In possesses an extensive library of films, along with original programming. On EPIX you can catch a steady stream of flicks alongside dramas such as The Contender. EPIX also airs docu-series such as the political America Divided.

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Featured Shows from EPIX Drive-In:

Get Shorty

Get Shorty

Miles Daly’s attempts at escaping the underworld only seem to bring him further in. For the sake of his daughter he attempts to step away from a life of crime by going to Hollywood, but his troubles only seem to follow him there when he gets involved with shady low-budget producer Rick.

Deep State

Deep State

In this thriller, Max Easton begins a journey with one goal in mind. Driven by the death of his son, Max finds himself caught between an elaborate plot that converges with a conspiracy in the Middle East.

Berlin Station

Berlin Station

CIA frontman Daniel Miller is in for more than he bargained for in this drama series. Miller is tasked with the mission of finding out who leaked information to ill-famed whistleblower Thomas Shaw. Miller has to adapt to stay abreast to the dangerous world of investigative field work.

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