Great American Country

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What Channel is Great American Country on DISH?

What Channel is Great American Country on DISH?

Great American Country is on DISH channel 165. Great American Country’s diverse programming lineup blends music and lifestyle. Country music fans will enjoy Great American Country’s music broadcasts and playlists, bringing you the latest tunes from your favorite artists. Great American Country’s lifestyle programming covers a variety of topics from camping to RVs.

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Featured Shows from Great American Country:

Top 20 Country Countdown

Top 20 Country Countdown

Nan Kelley hosts this roundup of the best country music hits. Based on online votes, Top 20 Country Countdown highlights the most popular viewer selected music. Experience this roundup of your favorite country artists like Carrie Underwood and Blake Shelton.

Flippin' RVs

Flippin’ RVs

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure on Flippin’ RVs. Justin and Anna Scribner are on the lookout for vintage RVs with potential. With a little dedication, TLC, and a renovation crew on deck, traditional RVs can be turned into luxury masterpieces.

Lakefront Bargain Hunt

Lakefront Bargain Hunt

Lakeside views don’t have to cost a fortune. Dedicated to putting affordable properties in reach, Lakefront Bargain Hunt shows that the lakefront property of your dreams doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Tune in to watch families securing their dream property.

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