DISH vs Optimum

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Comparing DISH and Optimum

Which is the Better TV Provider? DISH Network Optimum
Simultaneous show recording

Up to 16 shows

Up to 15 shows

Instantly skip commercials

Watch 100% of recordings anywhere

Watch on demand anywhere

DVR recording storage

500 hours

75 hours

Wireless receivers available

Bluetooth audio

Remote locator

Ranked #1 in customer satisfaction by J.D. Power

Free standard installation

Only with Select/Premier

Price protection

2 years

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Keep the Price You Want with DISH

With DISH Network you can get a great price on a stellar satellite TV package and then get that price guaranteed for a full 24 months. Many providers can offer price protection for one year, but DISH’s 2-year TV price guarantee ensures unbeatable value and peace of mind.

Optimum’s no contract option is nice for flexibility, but it also means your month-to-month cost is not guaranteed at all, most likely leading to big increases for you before long. But with a 2-year commitment with DISH, you can sign up worry-free with guaranteed monthly prices for 2 whole years.

DISH Network 2-Year TV Price Guarantee
DISH Network DVR

Industry-Leading DVR with Massive Storage from DISH Network

So much of the strength of a provider’s home television service comes from the physical DVR unit included with their packages, and DISH Network offers one of the absolute best pieces of DVR hardware from any TV company with the Hopper 3. The Hopper 3 lets you skip commercials, use Bluetooth audio, use the DISH Voice Remote for searching and operating, record up to 16 shows simultaneously and store whatever you record with a massive 2 TB of storage.

Optimum’s DVR has its benefits, but it lacks many of the features that make DISH’s Hopper 3 such a breeze to use. It also has dramatically less storage, letting you record only about 75 hours of HD content compared to the ~500 hours you can record with the Hopper 3 from DISH.


Watch All the TV You Love with DISH Anywhere

The DISH Anywhere app can be installed on any compatible smart device and lets you watch your favorite TV on your preferred device! Whether it’s live or recorded programming, DISH Anywhere will let you keep up with your favorite content no matter where you are!

DISH Anywhere brings you all the shows, movies and on demand content you love to any device you want! Whether smartphone, tablet or computer, DISH Anywhere gives you access to your full entertainment library and channel selection so you can watch completely on your own terms.

DISH Anywhere on Smartphone, Tablet & Computer
DISH Customer Service Representatives

Let DISH Customer Service Assist You Today

If you need help with a technical issues, have questions about DISH service or even billing inquiries, the staff at DISH Network customer support is ready to help!

Besides the helpful and friendly customer service representatives, DISH also has an extensive database of videos and articles addressing many customer concerns and questions. Find resources online, or speak to someone today to get your concerns addressed!


5 Reasons Why DISH is Better Than Optimum

There are benefits with Optimum but there’s just no denying that, for home TV service, DISH Network comes out on top with availability, service, features and value.

  • 1Nationwide availability.
  • 2More affordable without hidden fees.
  • 3High-rated customer satisfaction.
  • 4Better DVR with far more storage.
  • 5No price increases for 2 years.
5 Reasons Why DISH is Better Than Optimum

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DISH Gift Card OfferMake the switch today! Upgrade to DISH & Get Up to $300 in Gift Cards!**for qualifying customers 1-833-682-2047Order Online