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DISH is Building the Future of 5G Networking

The next generation of communication, computing and connectivity is happening now from DISH Wireless through its one-of-a-kind new 5G cloud network. DISH sets itself apart from other 5G providers that have built upon existing infrastructure by deploying the nation’s first entirely greenfield, cloud-native, Open RAN-based next-generation 5G network.

DISH Network 5G
DISH Greenfield 5G Network

A True Greenfield 5G Network from DISH

DISH’s 5G network being ‘greenfield’ means that building and setting up this network is being done completely through establishing a fresh foundation and new systems where none existed before. DISH is building new infrastructure across the entire country, along with the utmost level of security built into those foundations.

Fully virtualized and Open RAN-compliant through various partnerships including Samsung, DISH will be offering this ultra-fast and widely available network as a secure, safe networking option for all. Being dubbed as “America’s first smart network”, this 5G network from DISH continues to progress to eventually cover 70% of the entire United States.

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Timeline of 5G Network Rollout

February 2024

Voice over New Radio (VoNR) service to reach 70% of the nation. DISH offers VoNR across 12 large U.S. markets (including Las Vegas, Houston and Cleveland), but has yet to expand this service to such a major threshold. These voice services would be in addition to DISH’s existing 5G data services.

June 2023

5G network to cover 70% of the U.S. population. This will be achieved by establishing around 15,000 cell sites, and will extend 5G coverage into rural areas as well as major urban markets.

June 2022

5G network officially launched in 120 U.S. cities. This milestone is the first of many to come as DISH continues to build out this advanced, cloud-based 5G network across even more of the country.

DISH sister company Hughes set to build 5G connectivity for Department of Defense via an $18 million contract. This standalone 5G network was established at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island in Washington State, will DISH providing wireless networking and engineering support to Hughes.

May 2022

5G network and VoNR launched in Las Vegas, NV. This first commercial market for their greenfield 5G network comes as a major initial step in establishing DISH’s revolutionary new network across the United States.

The Differences 5G from DISH Will Make

In Your Home

The newest generation of wireless connectivity on your phone and in your home, far more reliable and up to 20 times faster than 4G.

In Your City

Network-based functionality in cities, factories and your home through AI, cloud computing, smart devices and AR/VR experiences.

In Your Small Town

DISH will reach all by providing next-generation speed and reliability to rural and remote areas still running on slow 3G/4G networks.

In Your Wallet

With this new network comes unprecedented value, as DISH’s 5G infrastructure is built with the customer at the top of the priority list.

The Most Secure Next-Gen Wireless Network from DISH

DISH is bringing one-of-a-kind and game-changing connectivity to the U.S., delivering higher speeds and lower latency to customers and businesses. As hugely beneficial as these changes are, this expanded capability also brings an increased risk for means for effective cyberattacks. However DISH has prioritized security at every step of this network’s development, ensuring fast, easy and safe networking for everyone.

New approaches to security and solutions that match pace with modern, multi-stage cyberattacks will keep hostile parties from exploiting network vulnerabilities and keep attackers thwarted at every level. Partnerships with vendors like Allot, Nokia and Palo Alto Networks are helping with this security-conscious 5G network rollout too, along with specialized security solutions that prevent and block DDoS attacks and protect the function and services of this new 5G network.

Secure Nationwide 5G from DISH Network

FAQs About DISH Wireless 5G Network


What’s special about a 5G network from DISH?


DISH’s new wireless 5G network will be the first standalone 5G network in the United States.


What’s better about 5G compared to 4G/LTE?


As the fifth generation of wireless technology, 5G will provide the absolute fastest speeds and lowest latency yet from wireless tech. This will enable better connectivity, smarter functionality and stronger network reliability.


How much faster is 5G?


5G networking reaches speeds up to 20 times as fast as 4G, and at its peak 5G can reach approximately 20 Gbps.


When will this new 5G network from DISH be available?


5G is currently available through wireless carriers like T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon in a limited capacity, but DISH’s game-changing 5G network has been getting rolled out since 2022 and is expected to expand to reach around 70% of the U.S. population by June of 2023.