Sling TV vs. YouTube TV

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YouTube TV vs. Sling for the Best Streaming TV

Who is the Best Streaming TV Provider? Sling TV YouTube TV
Monthly Cost



Household Type

Great for everyone

Only for larger families

Wider Device Compatibility

Channel List Content Focus

World News, Lifestyle, Science Fiction, Sports and True Crime

News, Lifestyle, Science Fiction

Free AirTV Mini/HD Antenna

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Watch Local Channels for Free with Sling TV

Most cable companies will charge you to be able to watch your favorite local stations like NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX or Telemundo. And with YouTube TV local channels are built in to the package price, leaving you without the choice to include them or not. But with Sling TV, you can decide whether or not to include local channels. And if you do there’s no extra charge at all once you hook up a digital antenna (either one you have or one you get for free through Sling).

Once you do they’ll be integrated right into the rest of your Sling TV channel lineup, and if you hook up your antenna to your AirTV you can use your DVR to record local content as well. If you don’t happen to have an antenna, Sling offers a free indoor HD antenna when you prepay for two months of the service that can be quickly and easily hooked up to your TV and will pick up those local favorites like a charm!

Local Channels on Sling TV
Sling TV Smart Device Streaming

Stream Through a Wider Variety of Devices

For these streaming television services, you’ll accessing your content through their app that you install on your preferred device. And although both options feature an app that can be found across a range of smart devices, the Sling TV app actually has better availability on a wider selection of hardware, like Android, iPhone, certain smart TV brands, Xbox, Windows, Chromecast, Apple TV and more.

Not only that, but if you want to sign up for Sling TV but don’t already have a compatible streaming device, Sling can set you up with a device at no extra cost! The AirTV Mini, for, example, can be yours for free when you prepay for two months of Sling TV. You can also get a steep discount of an AirTV2 with the HD antenna, or separately just get the HD antenna for no charge so you can watch your favorite local channels for free.


Watch TV Everywhere with the DISH Anywhere App

The DISH Anywhere app lets you set up a compatible smart device to watch any of the programming you love watching through DISH on your TV. Whether it be live TV, recorded shows or on demand content, DISH Anywhere lets you watch it no matter where you are!

It doesn’t matter how you want to watch – smartphone, computer or tablet – DISH Anywhere gives you full access to all the live or recorded TV you want. Your full entertainment library is just a tap away with DISH Anywhere!

DISH Anywhere on Smartphone, Tablet & Computer
DISH Customer Service Representatives

Let the DISH Customer Service Team Assist You

DISH Network has video, text and person-to-person resources to resolve any problem you might have. Whether it’s tech issues, billing queries or questions about your television service, DISH has resources and a friendly staff waiting to help you.

If you need assistance from a professional, DISH always has helpful representatives standing by ready to guide you through any troubles or questions you may have about your DISH Network service!


5 Reasons Why Sling TV is Better Than YouTube TV

Both services are great options for streaming TV, but Sling TV is a stronger choice in several key ways.

  • 1Pay less per month (including free access to local channels)
  • 2Sling TV app on wider range of devices (including Sling’s own devices)
  • 3More well-rounded variety of content types in channel list.
  • 4Better fit for any household (as opposed to just larger family units)
  • 5Get discounts or free streaming devices with your subscription.
5 Reasons Why Sling is Better Than YouTube TV

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