DISH Network Bundle FAQs

Does DISH Have Phone Service?

DISH customers can add landline phone service to their TV and internet plans for as little as $10 per month. There are both local and long-distance phone plans available to help you stay connected. DISH is a great option for all your technology needs, including both phone and internet service. When you bundle with DISH, you save.

Does DISH Have Phone Service?
How Much Is DISH TV and Internet?
TV PackagedishNET PlanSavingsBundled Price
DISH Flex PackGood Internet$15/mo.$79.98/mo.
DISH Top 120+Good Internet$25/mo.$94.98/mo.
DISH Top 120+Better Internet$25/mo.$104.98/mo.
DISH Top 200Good Internet$25/mo.$109.98/mo.

How Much Is DISH TV and Internet?

Connect your home to entertainment and the world with internet and TV packages. With DISH, watch TV for $39.99 per month and add high-speed internet starting at $14.95 per month. When you bundle dishNET internet with your TV package from DISH, you’ll save $10 per month. Your DISH bundle lets you enjoy a two year price guarantee and the convenience of a single bill for both your TV and internet service.

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Does Dish Bundle Internet?

Yes! You can add dishNET DSL internet to your TV package from DISH. When you combine your TV and internet with DISH, you save $10 per month, plus lock in your price for two years. Bundling your TV and internet lets you save money and enjoy the convenience of one provider.

Does Dish Bundle Internet?
Who Does Dish Bundle Internet With?

Who Does DISH Bundle Internet With?

DISH offers DSL internet options with dishNET. Planet DISH also partners with internet providers in your area, including Charter, AT&T and HughesNet, to offer high speed DSL, cable, satellite and fiber options as low as $14.95 per month.

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