How Much Does the Hopper Cost?

How Much Does the Hopper Cost?

How Much does the Hopper Cost?

Upgrade to a DISH Hopper DVR for no upfront cost or fees when you choose a qualifying TV package. Enjoy all the features the Hopper has to offer for a DVR fee of $10 per month. Get high-quality entertainment throughout your home with Joeys for $5 to $10 a month.


What Does it Cost to Upgrade to the DISH Hopper?

When you subscribe to a qualifying package your DISH Hopper upgrade is free. There are no upfront costs to add this enhanced receiver to your TV package. Industry-leading DVR capabilities and built-in apps are just a few of the reasons to add the Hopper DVR to your home.

DISH Equipment Cost
DISH Hopper Upgrade $0 upfront
DISH Hopper DVR Fee $10 per month
DISH Joey $5 per month
DISH Wireless Joey $5 per month
DISH 4K Joey $5 per month
DISH Super Joey $10 per month
How Much is the Hopper per Month?

How Much is the Hopper per Month?

Using your DISH Hopper as your primary receiver comes with no upfront or monthly costs. Monthly DVR and whole-home fees do apply, but they cost only $10 per month. This Hopper cost per month allows you to take advantage of the DVR’s 16 tuners, 2 terabytes of storage and features like PrimeTime Anytime.


You can also add additional TVs to your whole-home entertainment system! With the Hopper 3, you can enable an additional 6 Joeys, Wireless Joeys, 4K Joeys or Super Joeys. The Hopper 3 is able to support as many as 7 TVs, allowing you to enjoy all its features throughout your home. Adding Joeys or 4K Joeys to your home is $5 per month each. The Super Joey, with two additional tuners for more DVR power, is $10 a month.

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How Much is the Hopper 3?

How Much is the Hopper 3?

Upgrading to the innovative Hopper 3 costs no more than the earlier models of the Hopper. Enjoy all the features of the new Hopper HD DVR, including 4K programming and integrated Netflix, with a free upgrade when you subscribe to a qualifying DISH TV package.

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What is the Hopper Upgrade from DISH?

DISH includes a Hopper HD DVR upgrade for free with your qualifying TV package. This means that instead of a Wally receiver, you’ll receive the Hopper 3 and enjoy the innovative DVR packed with entertainment features of the Hopper 3 at no extra cost upfront.

With no upgrade cost or fees on the Hopper, there’s no reason not to experience all the exciting features the Hopper has to offer. Enjoy the ability to watch on up to 7 TVs throughout your home and record as many as 16 shows at once! There’s built in Netflix, social media apps, Game Finder, whole-home parental controls, the ability to watch anywhere on your phone and more, all included with no upfront cost.

What is the Hopper Upgrade from DISH?

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