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What Channel is  Fusion on DISH?

What Channel is Fusion on DISH?

Fusion is on DISH Channel 244. Millennials are the main market Fusion TV caters to, with shows that range from educational to humorous. With a fulfilling lineup of presentations spanning the range of news, entertainment, pop culture, and parody, Fusion TV is a one-stop shop for young adult audiences.

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Featured Shows from Fusion:

In Living Color

In Living Color

This popular 90’s sketch comedy series is a timeless classic. In this series, comedy sketches are performed by a roster of stars, including Jim Carrey, Tommy Davidson, and Jamie Foxx. A host of guest stars join in on the fun, including Chris Rock and Peter Marshall.

Big Papi Needs a Job

Big Papi Needs a Job

Professional sports star David Ortiz has made a name for himself in baseball, but now he’s on to making a name for himself in other fields. In Big Papi Needs a Job, David Ortiz goes from a professional hitter to a blue-collar worker, exploring various career fields.

Malcolm in the Middle

Nightline on Fusion

ABC’s popular late night news broadcast makes its way to Fusion. Nightline on Fusion is a new version of Nightline hosted by Gio Benitez and Kimberly Brooks. While both Nightline and Nightline on Fusion share correspondence and media, Nightline on Fusion is geared towards a younger audience.

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