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Best Satellite TV Providers: DISH vs DirecTV

Satellite TV providers offer customers great options, with hundreds of high-quality channels, whole-home entertainment features, TV on-the-go and more. Rural homes and businesses, which often aren’t serviced by cable providers and other TV options, can enjoy satellite TV. One of the best parts of choosing a satellite-based TV provider is the value. Low monthly prices, free installation and free equipment upgrades give satellite TV a great advantage over cable. Which satellite TV provider is best in 2017? Keep reading for an in-depth comparison of major providers DISH Network and DirecTV!

DISH vs DIRECTV DISH Network Directv
Package Pricing

$49.99 – $144.99

$50.00 – $187.00

Price Guarantee

24 months

12 months


Free in 6 Rooms

Free in 4 Rooms




TV Packages

6 +


Whole Home DVR

Hopper 3 HD DVR

Genie HD DVR

DVR Monthly Cost



Customer Service

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

DISH vs DirecTV

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of options you have for TV providers. At first glance, DISH Network and DirecTV look similar; they’re both satellite TV providers with popular channels and advanced DVRs.

Use this guide to compare DISH and DirecTV on pricing, package options and channel availability. Discover the best whole home entertainment solution for your family with this side-by-side review of the Hopper 3 and Genie. You can also use this comparison to learn more about promotional offers for new satellite TV customers and the quality of customer service you should expect!

Overall, the two satellite TV providers are equally matched in customer service and promotional deals. While DirecTV offers more package options, DISH’s packages include a two year price lock guarantee that can save new customers hundreds over DirecTV. For football fans that need every game, only DirecTV carries NFL Sunday Ticket, but you can get NFL Network and NFL Redzone from DISH for tons of league action year-round. For families looking for more channels for less, plus the industry-leading DVR service, DISH is the best satellite TV choice.

DISH vs DirecTV: Package Options

DISH vs DirecTV: Package Options

Both DISH Network and DirecTV offer a great variety of channel packages, so you’re sure to find one that fits your family’s lifestyle. DirecTV provides customers with an additional package option, while DISH boasts more channels for less with a 2 year price guarantee. With DISH, choose America’s Top 120 for 190 popular channels, including A&E, Disney Channel, ESPN, TBS and USA. There’s also dozens of music channels from Sirius XM. This package is available for $49.99 per month, a price that’s guaranteed not to change for 2 years.

DISH Network Channels Price Directv Channels Price
America’s Top 120 190 $49.99/mo. Entertainment 150+ $55 – $101/mo.
America’s Top 120+ 190+ $59.99/mo. Choice 175+ $60 – $115/mo.
America’s Top 200 240+ $69.99/mo. Xtra 220+ $70 – $124/mo.
America’s Top 250 290+ $79.99/mo. Ultimate 240+ $75 – $134/mo.
America’s Everything 330+ $144.99/mo. Premier 315+ $125 – $187/mo.

*All offers require credit qualification, 2-Year commitment with early termination fee and eAutoPay

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DISH vs DirecTV: Package Pricing

DISH vs DirecTV: Package Pricing

Your new satellite TV provider, whether DISH or DirecTV, includes a two year contract with most package choices. DISH locks in your package price for 24 months, the entire length of your contract, for no surprises on your monthly bill. DirecTV raises the price of your TV plan after 12 months, resulting in a much higher average monthly price over the life of your contract. When comparing DISH America’s Top 120 with the comparable Choice plan from DirecTV, you’ll notice that DISH includes more channels for a lower average monthly price. For a family watching America’s Top 120, DISH’s two year price lock guarantee saves more than $800 over two years, versus DirecTV.


DISH vs DirecTV: Entertainment Value

For families looking for a whole-home DVR system, it’s important to consider that DirecTV includes DVR service for four rooms in your package price. A Genie and three Genie Minis are built into the bill with DirecTV. However, unless you plan to use all four TVs DirecTV offers in its satellite TV packages, adding the Hopper 3 HD DVR and Joeys individually to up to three TVs in your home saves you money over two years. With DISH, you’ll also enjoy more channels in your TV plan, as well as the advanced technology of the Hopper 3.

DISH offers great whole home entertainment options. Start with the Hopper 3, then add Joeys to each additional TV in your home. Choose from Joey, Wireless Joey or 4K Joey for just $5 per month. Each Joey includes the user-friendly Hopper 3 interface, as well as access to all of your recordings, live channels and Hopper apps. For all these great features and two additional tuners for even more recording power, choose the Super Joey for $10 per month. These options give you more flexibility throughout your home than DirecTV’s Mini Genies.

Pricing DISH Network Directv
Package Pricing

$49.99 to $144.99

$50.00 to $187.00

Price Lock

24 months

12 months

Contract Length

24 months

24 months


Free in 6 Rooms

Free in 4 Rooms

DVR Monthly Cost


Included w/ Contract

Additional Receiver Cost

$5 each

3 Included w/ Contract

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DISH vs DirecTV: Channels

DISH vs DirecTV: Channels

While DirecTV claims more than 315 channels, DISH offers customers 330+ channels. Both satellite TV providers include more than 200 HD channels in their lineups. With qualifying packages, both DISH and DirecTV include premium channels from HBO, Cinemax, SHOWTIME and STARZ free for three months. Only DISH also includes HBO at no extra cost for 12 months with qualifying packages! 4K programming is available from both DISH and DirecTV. With DISH, watch TV series, movies, live events and more via On Demand, Pay Per View and integrated Netflix. DirecTV offers similar ultra HD viewing options, as well as one full time 4K channel that airs nature documentaries and other 4K content.


DISH vs DirecTV: Entertainment Technology

DISH and DirecTV deliver whole home entertainment with their advanced HD DVRs, Hopper and Genie. Watch and record tons of shows at a time, anywhere in your house! Connect up to 7 TVs with DISH, or 8 TVs with DirecTV. With DISH, you can watch on all 7 TVs at the same time, while DirecTV limits you to watching 4 TVs at a time.

The Hopper 3 is filled with features the Genie can’t touch. With DISH, you can record 16 shows at a time, plus enjoy automaticly recorded primetime shows on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX, with commercial-skipping Autohop! You’ll also never have to worry about a lost remote; use the remote finder, or turn your phone into a remote with the DISH Anywhere app.

Both satellite TV providers let you take your TV with you on-the-go. DirecTV Everywhere and DISH Anywhere give subscribers access to their live and recorded shows using their smartphone, tablet or computer. Stream your TV channels or DVR recordings anywhere you go, or download programming from your DVR to watch data-free. Both DISH and DirecTV also include On Demand TV shows and movies in their apps.

Learn More About the Hopper 3!

Technology DISH Network Directv
Shows Recorded at Once



TVs Watched at Once



Instantly Skip Commercials



Hard Drive Size

2 TB

1 TB

Hours of HD Storage



Built in Netflix



Multi-Channel Viewing

4 Channels

2 Channels

4K Capabilities



Wireless Receiver

Wireless Joey

Wireless Genie Mini

Watch On-the-Go

Included w/ Hopper

Included w/ Genie

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DISH vs DirecTV: Promotional Offers

DISH vs DirecTV: Promotional Offers

DISH and DirecTV offer new customers great reasons to switch. Both satellite TV providers include On Demand service for TV shows, movies and more anytime, as well as live TV anywhere through either DirecTV Everywhere or DISH Anywhere. Thanks to satellite TV’s capabilities, you’ll enjoy 99% signal reliability and nationwide access to your favorite channels. Enjoy local and regional sports networks at no extra cost with DISH; DirecTV offers local channels at no extra charge, but adds a regional sports fee in some markets. DISH also includes free professional installation in six rooms, as compared to DirecTV’s four.


DISH vs DirecTV: Customer Service

DISH and DirecTV both offer customer service around the clock, with agents available via online chat and over the phone. DISH has customer service representatives to take your calls slightly earlier in the day, and they’re also open later than DirecTV’s customer service department. Don’t want to talk to someone directly? DISH also offers help through forums, social media and email. DISH customers can visit myDISH for FAQs, to change their package and pay their bill, among other helpful information and links. DirecTV offers a similar e-support platform, although with less intuitive design.

*Based on the average American Customer Satisfaction Index comparison of major TV providers (2010-2015).

DISH vs DirecTV: Customer Service

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Why Choose a Satellite TV Provider?

Satellite TV offers great picture quality and 99.9% signal reliability, even if you live outside the reach of cable. You’ll also get versatility; if you move, you can take your dish and receiver with you! Both DISH and DirecTV offer satellite TV plans. Only DISH delivers TV packages with the best entertainment value, innovative technology, great promotions and customized channel lineups. Choose the budget-friendly America’s Top 120 or get all-in-one entertainment with over 330 satellite channels in America’s Everything Package.

Satellite TV vs Cable TV

Satellite TV vs Cable TV

With satellite TV, you’ll enjoy high quality HD images, the best TV channels and price savings over cable. Choose DISH as your satellite provider and get free installation in up to six rooms. HD and 4K capabilities deliver crystal-clear movies and sports, even in rural locations. You can also save with satellite, thanks to DISH’s 2 year price lock guarantee.

  • HD and 4K images, no matter where you live
  • Free installation in up to six rooms
  • Two year price lock guarantee with DISH
Enjoy TV Everywhere

Enjoy TV Everywhere

No matter where you live, satellite providers make it possible to watch TV. Any home with a clear view of the southern sky can experience DISH. You can watch satellite TV whether you live in a close-knit neighborhood, out on the farm, or somewhere in between. Your family’s favorite TV shows, action-packed sports and critically acclaimed movies are all within reach, with 99.9% signal reliability and 4K capabilities.

  • Watch satellite TV no matter where you live
  • Enjoy 99.9% signal reliability
  • Watch TV in HD and 4K everywhere
Bundle Satellite TV and Internet

Bundle Satellite TV and Internet

Satellite internet is the best way to stay connected if you live beyond the reach of cable, fiber or DSL. Get speeds faster than 4G, up to 25 Mbps! This is perfect for social media sharing, emails, video streaming and online shopping. Planet DISH is proud to offer HughesNet satellite internet, with packages that fit every family’s needs.

  • Get internet as low as $49.99 per month with HughesNet
  • High speed satellite internet up to 25 Mbps
  • Enjoy 50 GB of Bonus Zone data every month for no extra cost

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Satellite TV Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get Satellite TV?

Anyone with a clear view of the southern sky can watch TV via a satellite company. With next day installation included in your TV package (where available), you can be viewing more than 315 channels by tomorrow with DISH Network.

What is the Best Satellite TV Provider?

DISH subscribers can choose from packages ranging from 190 to 315+ channels. Qualify for DISH Deals like a Hopper 3 DVR upgrade, free installation in up to 6 rooms and a 2 year price lock guarantee.

How Does Satellite TV Work?

A satellite in the Earth’s atmosphere broadcasts the signal of your favorite TV channels to the dish on your home. This signal is read by your receiver, such as a DISH Hopper or Wally, and then displayed on your TV.

DISH vs DirecTV Customer Service

Based on the average American Customer Satisfaction Index comparison of major TV providers (2010-2015), DISH ranks ahead of DirecTV in call center satisfaction, bill understandability and website satisfaction. While DISH has the lowest customer complaint rate since 2010, DirecTV is rated #3.

Which is better, DirecTV or DISH?

DISH offers the best deals for new customers, including free installation in up to 6 rooms, free HD for life and included regional sports. The 2 year price lock guarantee from DISH Network saves you from surprise price increases after your first year.

DISH vs DirecTV Channel Comparison

When you compare TV packages from DISH and DirecTV, you’ll often pay more for the same number of channels (or, in some cases, less channels) with DirecTV. With DISH, you can watch your favorites for less with a 2 year price guarantee.