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Sling Freestream is home to over 200 channels and over 40,000 hours of on-demand movies and TV shows – and it’s absolutely free, with no credit card required.

Freestream is Sling TV’s own free ad-supported streaming television service. Just create a free account and browse the channels and on-demand content that you can watch on your preferred streaming device. Compatible devices include Roku, Apple TV, iOS Android, Fire TV, Chromecast, AirTV players, Xbox, smart TVs and many more.

Sling Freestream Channel List

40 y 20 Da Vinci Las 3 Marias by Vix ScreamBoxTV
A&E Sneak Peek DangerTV Law & Crime Rewind Scripps News
Aaj Tak DangerTV Latino Lego Sensical Gaming
ABC News Live Dark Matter TV Lifetime Sneak Peek Sensical Jr.
ACL Cornhole TV DeFiance Lo Mejor de Liga MX by Vix Sensical Makers
AFV Family Discovery Sneak Peek Lo Mejor de Vina Del Mar Shorts
Al Arabiya Documentary+ Lo Que la Vida me Robo Shout Factory TV
Al Jazeera Docurama Lone Star Showtime Sneak Peek
ALF DogTV Los Heroes del Norte Slightly Off by IFC
All Reality by WE tv Dove Channel Loupe TBS Sneak Peek
All Weddings by WE tv Dust Sci-Fi Love Nature (English) TNT Sneak Peek
allblk Gems El Reino Infantil Love Nature (Spanish) So Yummy
Alter Horror Electric Now Love Pets So…Real
AMC+ Sneak Peek ESPN On Demand Love Stories TV Sony Kal Hindi
AMC En Espanol ESR Magnolia Selects Sortilegio
AMC Thrillers ESTV Maverick Blood Cinema Sports Grid
America’s Test Kitchen EuroNews (English) MGM+ Sneak Peek SportStak
Amor Real EuroNews (Spanish) Mi Estugo Starz On Demand
Amores Verdaderos Fail Army Mi Gorda Bella Stories by AMC
Angelique by Vix Family Time Midnight Pulp Swerve Sports
Anime x Hidive Farscape Misterios sin Resolver Tastemade
Aqui y Ahora Fawesome Mixible Tastemade Home
Architectural Digest Fight Network Moovi Mex Tastemade Travel
ARY News Filmrise MTRSSPT 1 TBN
Asiancrush Flixfling MTV Biggest Pop TD Ameritrade Network
At Home with Family Handyman Flixfling Now MTV Pluto TV Teresa
Baby Shark by pinkfong FLOU Caribenoj MTV Spankin’ New The Archive
Barstool Sports FLOU Cine Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Bob Ross Channel
Baywatch Remastered France 24 (French) MyTime Movie Network (English) The Carol Burnett Show
beIN Sports Xtra France 24 (English) MyTime Movie Network (Spanish) The Country Network
BET Pluto TV Free Movies+ N+ The Design Channel
Billiard TV FSTV N+ Media The Elvis Presley Channel
Bon Appetit Galanes NHK World Japan The Film Detective
Boxing TV Game Show Network NHRA The Grapevine
Brainstorm Indie Movies Glamour Nick Jr. Pluto TV The Grio
BUZZR Glewed TV Nosey The Pet Collective
Camino al Cielo GoTraveler Nosey Escandalos The Rugby Network
Canela Cinema GQ Nosotros los Guapos The Walking Dead Universe
Canela Clasicos Grandes Parejas by Vix Noticias Univision 24-7 Tokushoutsu
Canela Deportes Gravitas Movies Novelas de Asia Total Crime
Canela Telenovelas Grokker Novelas de Oro by Vix Triunfo del Amor
Canela.TV GustoTV Novelas de Romance by Vix True Royalty
Carnegie Hall+ Hallmark Movies Now Operacion Repo TruTV Sneak Peek
Cartoon Network & Adult Swim Sneak Peek Hasta que el Dinero nos Separe Outside TV TVP World
CBS News HauntTV Outside TV Features Una Familia de Diez
Cheddar News Heartland Overtime UP Faith & Family
Choppertown Here TV PAC Films USA Today
Cine Club by Vix Hi-Yah! PAC-2 Insider USA Today Sports
Cine De Oro by Vix History Time People are Awesome Vanity Fair
Cine Retro by Vix Homeful PlayersTV Vecinos
Cine Life Hopster Pocket.Watch Vertical
Cinevault 80’s IFC Films Picks PokerGO VH1 I Love Reality
Cinevault Classics Impact Portlandia by IFC Vivo Play
Cinevault Murder & Mayhem India Today Q/T Vix Deportes 21
Cinevault Westerns Infast QVC Vix Deportes 22
Circle jajaja by Vix RCN Mas+ Vix Deportes 23
CMT Pluto TV Jimmy Kimmel Live RCTV Vogue
Cocina TV by Vix Johnny Carson TV Realmadrid TV Waypoint TV
Comedy Central Pluto TV Juana la Virgen Real Nosey Weather Spy
Comedy Dynamics Kartoon Channel Rebelde WFV
Como Dice el Dicho La Familia P. Luche Red Bull Batalla WildEarth
Cops En Espanol La Fea mas Bella Red Bull TV Wired
Cortos La Parodia Retro Crush Zona TUDN
Cowboy Way La Promesa Risa Picante by Vix ZoneTV
Cronicas La Que no Podia Amar Risas de Oro by Vix
Cuidado con el Angel La Rosa de Guadalupe Ryan Friends
Curiosity Stream La Usurpadora Sala de Emergencias
40 y 20 La Usurpadora
A&E Sneak Peek Las 3 Marias by Vix
Aaj Tak Law & Crime Rewind
ABC News Live Lego
ACL Cornhole TV Lifetime Sneak Peek
AFV Family Lo Mejor de Liga MX by Vix
Al Arabiya Lo Mejor de Vina Del Mar
Al Jazeera Lo Que la Vida me Robo
ALF Lone Star
All Reality by WE tv Los Heroes del Norte
All Weddings by WE tv Loupe
allblk Gems Love Nature (English)
Alter Horror Love Nature (Spanish)
AMC+ Sneak Peek Love Pets
AMC En Espanol Love Stories TV
AMC Thrillers Magnolia Selects
America’s Test Kitchen Maverick Blood Cinema
Amor Real MGM+ Sneak Peek
Amores Verdaderos Mi Estugo
Angelique by Vix Mi Gorda Bella
Anime x Hidive Midnight Pulp
Aqui y Ahora Misterios sin Resolver
Architectural Digest Mixible
ARY News Moovi Mex
Asiancrush MTRSSPT 1
At Home with Family Handyman MTV Biggest Pop
Baby Shark by pinkfong MTV Pluto TV
Barstool Sports MTV Spankin’ New
Baywatch Remastered Mystery Science Theater 3000
beIN Sports Xtra MyTime Movie Network (English)
BET Pluto TV MyTime Movie Network (Spanish)
Billiard TV N+
Bon Appetit N+ Media
Boxing TV NHK World Japan
Brainstorm Indie Movies NHRA
BUZZR Nick Jr. Pluto TV
Camino al Cielo Nosey
Canela Cinema Nosey Escandalos
Canela Clasicos Nosotros los Guapos
Canela Deportes Noticias Univision 24-7
Canela Telenovelas Novelas de Asia
Canela.TV Novelas de Oro by Vix
Carnegie Hall+ Novelas de Romance by Vix
Cartoon Network & Adult Swim Sneak Peek Operacion Repo
CBS News Outside TV
Cheddar News Outside TV Features
Choppertown Overtime
Cine Club by Vix PAC Films
Cine De Oro by Vix PAC-2 Insider
Cine Retro by Vix People are Awesome
Cine Life PlayersTV
Cinevault 80’s Pocket.Watch
Cinevault Classics PokerGO
Cinevault Murder & Mayhem Portlandia by IFC
Cinevault Westerns Q/T
Circle QVC
CMT Pluto TV RCN Mas+
Cocina TV by Vix RCTV
Comedy Central Pluto TV Realmadrid TV
Comedy Dynamics Real Nosey
Como Dice el Dicho Rebelde
Cops En Espanol Red Bull Batalla
Cortos Red Bull TV
Cowboy Way Retro Crush
Cronicas Risa Picante by Vix
Cuidado con el Angel Risas de Oro by Vix
Curiosity Stream Ryan Friends
Da Vinci Sala de Emergencias
DangerTV ScreamBoxTV
DangerTV Latino Scripps News
Dark Matter TV Sensical Gaming
DeFiance Sensical Jr.
Discovery Sneak Peek Sensical Makers
Documentary+ Shorts
Docurama Shout Factory TV
DogTV Showtime Sneak Peek
Dove Channel Slightly Off by IFC
Dust Sci-Fi TBS Sneak Peek
El Reino Infantil TNT Sneak Peek
Electric Now So Yummy
ESPN On Demand So…Real
ESR Sony Kal Hindi
ESTV Sortilegio
EuroNews (English) Sports Grid
EuroNews (Spanish) SportStak
Fail Army Starz On Demand
Family Time Stories by AMC
Farscape Swerve Sports
Fawesome Tastemade
Fight Network Tastemade Home
Filmrise Tastemade Travel
Flixfling TBN
Flixfling Now TD Ameritrade Network
FLOU Caribenoj Teresa
FLOU Cine The Archive
France 24 (French) The Bob Ross Channel
France 24 (English) The Carol Burnett Show
Free Movies+ The Country Network
FSTV The Design Channel
Galanes The Elvis Presley Channel
Game Show Network The Film Detective
Glamour The Grapevine
Glewed TV The Grio
GoTraveler The Pet Collective
GQ The Rugby Network
Grandes Parejas by Vix The Walking Dead Universe
Gravitas Movies Tokushoutsu
Grokker Total Crime
GustoTV Triunfo del Amor
Hallmark Movies Now True Royalty
Hasta que el Dinero nos Separe TruTV Sneak Peek
HauntTV TVP World
Heartland Una Familia de Diez
Here TV UP Faith & Family
Hi-Yah! USA Today
History Time USA Today Sports
Homeful Vanity Fair
Hopster Vecinos
IFC Films Picks Vertical
Impact VH1 I Love Reality
India Today Vivo Play
Infast Vix Deportes 21
jajaja by Vix Vix Deportes 22
Jimmy Kimmel Live Vix Deportes 23
Johnny Carson TV Vogue
Juana la Virgen Waypoint TV
Kartoon Channel Weather Spy
La Familia P. Luche WFV
La Fea mas Bella WildEarth
La Parodia Wired
La Promesa Zona TUDN
La Que no Podia Amar ZoneTV
La Rosa de Guadalupe
Sling TV Channels on Multiple Devices

Free TV Channels and Movies on Sling Freestream

Sling Freestream boasts a streaming library of over 210 live television channels, from news networks like ABC News, entertainment like Buzzr, IFC and VH1 I Love Reality, as well as sports channels like USA Today Sports and lifestyle networks like GQ.

There’s also over 40,000 hours of free on-demand TV shows and movies on Freestream as well, including popular shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live, Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares and Forensic Files. Sling Freestream’s online library is vast and ever-growing, ensuring that every time you load it up on your favorite device you’ll find something new to love or something familiar to get lost in all over again.

International and Latino Content on Freestream

With Sling Freestream you’ll get a slew of channels broadcasting Latino and international content. Major international networks such as Al Jazeera Arabic, Euronews and AajTak International are available to give you global non-English news coverage, and Spanish-language content is available through channels like La Rosa de Guadelupe, Noticias Univision 24/7 and beIN Sports Extra. As with everything else on Sling Freestream, these are all completely free.

If you’re interested in international and Latino content beyond Freestream, Sling also offers a variety of low-cost standalone channel packages with even more Spanish-language channels for you to choose from. And if you sign up for even a basic Sling TV package and you have an antenna at home, you’ll have access to local Spanish-language channels like Telemundo and Univision.

See Latino Channels on Sling TV

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Sling Freestream on TV

Getting Started with Sling Freestream

If it seems like a lot to jump into a new streaming service, rest assured that getting started with watching free and fantastic streaming content with Sling Freestream is quick and super simple. As long as you have high-speed internet, then just choose whichever streaming device you’d like to watch Sling on (or even select a device through Sling if you don’t already have a compatible device).

From there just sign up for a free Sling account for full access to the entire Freestream library, choose whatever content lineup most appeals to you and get started with watching the hundreds of channels and thousands of hours worth of on-demand content available to you! It’s as simple as that – completely free and no credit card required!

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Save Big on an AirTV Mini with Sling Freestream

If you’re in the market for a new Sling-compatible streaming device and are interested in a Sling TV subscription beyond Freestream, there’s a special offer available just for you. You can get an AirTV Mini (a $79.99 value) absolutely free when you prepay for 2 months of Sling TV!

The AirTV Mini is an award-winning streaming device optimized specifically for use with Sling services. Easily watch all your favorite content from Sling as well as other streaming services from your channel guide, have one-touch access to Sling and Netflix straight from your remote, use Bluetooth connectivity to control your AirTV Mini, TV and sound system from the remote as well, and even watch high-quality 4K streaming content (with a 4K display).

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