7 TV Shows That Are Coming Back In 2024

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With so many amazing streaming services joining an already stacked roster of cable networks, there has never been a better time for tv lovers. From long-running series to newcomers, 2024 is shaping up to be the best year to date when it comes to amazing series! The unfortunate reality in the entertainment industry is that not all series are continuing into the New Year, which is why we covered our 8 Best Shows That Are Ending in 2023. However, today we are going to focus on 7 shows that ARE coming back in 2024 that people should be excited for!

#7 – Castlevania: Nocturne

Set in 18th Century France, during the height of the French Revolution, Castlevania: Nocturne follows the story of Richter Belmont as he fights vampires and other creatures of the night. Based on the popular long-running Castlevania video game series, Castlevania: Nocturne is technically the second animated series based on the franchise, with the self-named “Castlevania” series leading the way first. The series is an adult animated series, who’s first season was released in September 2023, with the second season returning in late 2024.

Below Deck
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#6 – Below Deck

We’re not really sure if Below Deck qualifies as “good tv,” but there are certainly a huge amount of people who go crazy for it – and they have a new season coming in 2024! Below Deck is a reality series that follows along with a private charter and its crew, as they cruise around in exotic locations. They deal with inter-crew drama, issues with guests, and even the occasional emergency health situation. It’s reality tv at its finest, and it really does have a way of grasping your attention from start to finish.

#5 – The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live

AMC’s The Walking Dead series really did the highest of highs in the 2010’s, and they’ve continued putting out spin-off series that provide some great stories as well. While the later spin-offs really took a dip in terms of popularity and quality, fans of the franchise will be pleased to see they’re giving it another go. The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live takes place right after the events of the main The Walking Dead storyline and sheds light on what happens after Rick leaves the group and Michonne goes to find him.

The Good Doctor

#4 – The Good Doctor

When a young autistic doctor relocates from a small community to San Jose’s top hospital, he struggles to make connections with his coworkers around them. However, he is able to connect with many patients and help them immensely, saving many lives. The eighth season of this critically-acclaimed series is returning in 2024, giving fans something to rejoice about!

#3 – Abbott Elementary

Abbott Elementary is a mockumentary sitcom that follows the teachers of Willard R Abbott, a predominantly black elementary school just outside of Philadelphia. The school is underfunded and poses many challenges, but the determined main character, Janine Teagues, won’t let that deter her. Most teachers leave after a year or two, but she has set her mind to changing the school’s environment for the better. It’s a very humorous series, with a strong ensemble cast who really rounds out the show. Fans of The Office should really give this show a try!

#2 – Avatar: The Last Airbender

The beloved animated series is going live-action! In a world where the major nations of “benders” can wield the four elements, fire, earth, wind, and air, only one person can bring peace. The Avatar is just a young child, tasked with mastering all of the elements, and uniting the world. Unfortunately, the Fire Nation and its exiled Prince Zuko are actively trying to hunt The Avatar, which throws a serious wrench into their plans on more than one occasion. The original Avatar animated series is one of the biggest cult classic shows of all time, so fans can only hope that Netflix does it justice with its reboot!

The Bear

#1 – The Bear

After his brother’s suicide, a fine dining chef must return to his family’s sandwich shop. The main character is confronted with many of the difficult realities that small business owners face, as well as some seriously strained familial relationships. It’s a story about your “given” family versus your “chosen” family, as the rag-tag group of kitchen staff rally around the young chef. Hulu truly hit it out of the park with The Bear, and fans are eagerly anticipating Season 3 returning in late 2024.