The 8 Best TV Shows Ending in 2023

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All good things must come to an end, even our favorite shows. Whether it’s a new-found favorite or a long-running “comfort food” program, hearing that a beloved show is ending can be a tough pill to swallow. Thankfully, with so many new releases coming to networks and streaming platforms alike, you never know when your favorite series will be rebooted or expanded upon. As we wrap up a great year for television and streaming releases, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of our favorite shows that are ending in 2023.

#8 – NCIS: Los Angeles

After 14 seasons of continuous airing, the longest running spinoff of the original NCIS series is finally taking its curtain call. Starring Chris O’Donnell, Peter Cambor, Daniela Ruah, LL Cool J, and others – NCIS: Los Angeles was a fan favorite on CBS, following a procedural crime drama narrative in the city of Los Angeles. The show was known for having a number of recurring roles and cameos from some high profile actors that kept the show fresh. Fans of the show will be happy to know that the numerous spin-offs, as well as the main show, will continue to air!

Dr. Phil
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#7 – Dr. Phil

We’re not entirely sure if many people are incredibly torn up about Dr.Phil’s run ending in 2023. The hot-button former psychologist, Phil McGraw, announced he will be stepping away to pursue other passions and projects early in the year – thus ending the shows’ two decades run. After getting his start on Oprah as a human behavior specialist, he launched his own daily daytime talk show in 2002. The show was filmed in front of a live studio audience and tackled people’s “everyday” issues including addiction, parenting, relationships and more. Dr. Phil certainly had its moments of controversy and scandal – but it’s cancellation will leave a gap in the TV industry for years to come.

#6 – The Flash

Superhero content has been the belle of the ball in the film and television space for years now, and The CW capitalized on it with The Flash. The show’s 9 seasons follows the story of Barry Allen; a crime-scene investigator who gains the ability of super speed. The Flash is one of DC Comics most fabled characters, and the television show does his story justice. The plot is quite convoluted, but it managed to be one of The CW’s top-performing shows for quite a few years, and it endured through almost a decade of super hero mania, so it’s earned its place on our list!

#5 – New Amsterdam

Since their inception, medical dramas have been one of the most popular genres of shows around, and New Amsterdam was one of the best! Originally airing in 2018, the show follows the new director of Bellevue Hospital in New York City, as he slowly tries to reform its inefficient and corrupt ways. New Amsterdam also shows the interesting, heart-breaking, and often-scandalous lives that all of its staff live. The NBC production ended in early 2023, and will be missed by medical drama lovers around the globe.


#4 – Succession

Succession truly has been one of the best pieces of media we have consumed over the past few years. The HBO Original weaved one of the most interesting and gripping TV story lines we can remember in a long time, and it’s a shame we won’t be getting any more. Succession follows the Roy family, who owns a global media company called Waystar RoyCo. As the patriarch of the family has been declining in health, the children all squabble and bicker over who will take over which portions of the successful company. It received some pretty serious critical acclaim, and will certainly be one of our most-missed shows of 2024.

#3 – The People’s Court

One of the most iconic American television shows of all time, The People’s Court, is also one of the longest running. Split between two iterations on the East and West Coast, it has become a household staple across the country since it first aired in 1981. The People’s Court is a reality court show based on small claims cases heard in Los Angeles, New York City, and Stamford, Connecticut. While the show has ended, its most recent judge, Marylin Millian, is continuing on with her own show, which will hopefully scratch the same “itch!”

#2 – Ted Lasso

There’s something so satisfying, yet sad, when a show ends when it feels like it’s at the “top of its game,” and that’s the formula that Ted Lasso has followed. The Apple + original absolutely exploded on the scene, following the journey of an American Football Coach, played by Jason Sudekis, accepting a Soccer Head Coach position in England. It’s a gut-busting and heart-warming series that gracefully ended after only 3 seasons. While too much of a good thing is a real problem, we hope Coach Ted Lasso shows his chipper face once again!

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#1 – Yellowstone

Yellowstone, one of most popular shows in the last five or so years, debuted its much-awaited series finale in 2023 – and boy did it deliver. Yellowstone is a dramatic thriller starring Kevin Costner as a powerful leader and father of a Montana ranching family. Viewers had the pleasure of following along as he and his whole family had to deal with a myriad of challenges including shifting political powers, greedy oil companies, a series of unsolved murders, and more – all within 5 seasons with 8 episodes each. Yellowstone truly was a standout among a crowded field of mediocre shows, and we are sad to see it not continue into 2024.