Animal Planet Shows for Animal Lovers on DISH

5 Animal Planet Shows For Animal Lovers

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Animal Planet, available in HD on channel 184 on DISH, is filled with adorable shows like Too Cute, Cats 101 and the much-anticipated annual Puppy Bowl. There’s also shows focused less on animals on more on nature, like Treehouse Master and Cold River Cash. But for people who love all things animals, from funny-looking fish to wild grizzlies, Animal Planet also has series for you. Here are 5 shows that all animal lovers should watch on Animal Planet:

  1. Tanked: Watch Wayde and Brett of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing create show stopping tanks for beautiful collections of colorful fish. Based in Los Vegas, the clients of these two masterminds are often celebrities and high-end hotels located in beautiful destinations, with budgets viewers could only dream of. These innovative tanks are up to 1 million gallons in size, and Wayde and Brett’s imaginations are even bigger. This is a must-watch for even casual aquarists!

  2. The Vet Life: For animal lovers, watching these busy vets rescue and treats all sorts of creatures is just as entertaining as the newest medical drama. Plenty of dogs and cats walk through the doors of the clinic Dr. Diarra Blue, Dr. Aubrey Ross and Dr. Michael Lavigne operate, as well as more unusual creatures. Recent episodes have featured birds, pigs, reptiles and fluffy baby kangaroos!

  3. My Dog’s Crazy Animal Friend: Dogs are man’s best friend, but they also have a habit of befriending other creatures. There won’t be any new episodes of this show, but Animal Planet often runs old episodes that are too cute not to tune into. With every variety of dog imaginable playing with dozens of members of the animal kingdom, what’s not to like?! Just a few of the adorable befriended animals include steer, elephant, donkey, camel, kangaroo, bobcat and orangutan.

  4. Pet Nation Renovation: Animal shelters, both public and private, are often underfunded and badly in need of repairs or renovation. Animal Planet is working to solve this problem with Pet Nation Renovation, a special program (part of the Animal Planet Presents series) that follows the makeover of a deserving animal shelter. It’s like HGTV with animals, plus all sorts of feel-good vibes.

  5. My Cat from Hell: Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows that they’re often the king or queen of the house, and this can lead to terrible outcomes. Enter cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy, a feline miracle worker who smooths over relationships between cats and their subjects… I mean people. This show is great for exactly the reasons you couldn’t stop watching Supernanny. My Cat from Hell will leave you with new knowledge and respect for your furry friends.

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