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5 Reasons to Add Bluetooth Headphones to Your Entertainment Center

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One of the best features of DISH’s Hopper 3 is the ability to connect Bluetooth speakers, headphones and other devices directly to your TV receiver. Why would you connect headphones to your DVR? Watching TV and movies or listening to music without disturbing family members or roommates is definitely a plus, as are these 5 reasons to add wireless Bluetooth headphones to your entertainment center:

  1. Use your wireless Bluetooth headphones to enjoy your music TV channels without playing music throughout your home. Most wireless headphones that use Bluetooth technology have a range of over 30 feet, perfect for listening to music while cleaning, folding laundry or exercising at home without interrupting other members of your family.

  2. Enjoy a surround sound experience for less with home theater headphones. Many wireless gaming earphones deliver noise that sounds like it’s coming from all directions, which also makes them great surround sound headphones for movies. While these headphones are often more expensive than your average Bluetooth or wireless options, they deliver superior sound and are much more inexpensive than a surround sound system!

  3. You can connect your Bluetooth TV headphones to any TV! Some TVs have Bluetooth connectivity built in and DISH’s Hopper 3 includes the ability to connect your cordless headphones. If you don’t have either of these options, there are other solutions, including buying an inexpensive Bluetooth transmitter, or pairing with a Fire TV Stick or Roku.

  4. Deliver sound straight to your family members who are hard of hearing with TV headphones for the hearing impaired. Bluetooth headphones are easy to pair and keep connected. Help everyone enjoy TV again, without extreme volume playing from the TV or pausing to repeat dialogue!

  5. Connecting wireless headphones with Bluetooth to your TV is a convenient solution to limiting wires. Wander away from the TV without missing anything. Stop using your smaller laptop or tablet screen just because the kids are sleeping and you need to use headphones. Wireless connectivity is the perfect solution, keeping you entertained without cords or loud interruptions!

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