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7 of the Best Finds on American Pickers

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Old Working Saddle

The retired working saddle that Mike and Frank bought from a WWII vet for $75 didn’t turn out to be worth the $1,500 to $5,000 that an appraiser quoted the pickers. But this was a memorable pick from Season 1, Episode 1; it’s the topic of multiple news articles and some interesting forum conversations. With a $30 restoration and $150 final sale price, Mike did make $45 on the deal.

VonDutch XAVW

Everyone can agree that Mike’s purchase of a rare VonDutch XAVW while out on the road was a good one. With Harley-Davidson, Moto Guzzi, Volkswagen and Honda parts, this complete motorcycle is incredibly rare and highly desirable. He paid $21,000 for this gem and has displayed it at Antique Archeology and lent it to the National Motorcycle Museum.

1947 Harley Knucklehead

Mike and Frank found a Harley Knucklehead from 1947, the last year the company used the Knucklehead engine. They didn’t come home with this one, but it was still cool to see.

Old Radio Sign

This neon Nashville radio sign (which is among Mike’s all-time favorite picks) is a beautiful relict that Mike found in Los Angeles. He’s since relocated the huge sign to the Nashville Antique Archeology location, where it is often photographed. You can find pictures of the restored sign on TripAdvisor, Pinterest and Instagram.

James Bond Car Tin Toy

Frank’s affection for vintage toys is one of the more interesting aspects of the show for a lot of viewers. This early James Bond tin toy is a great example. Frank loves James Bond toys for their resale value. Every time a new James Bond movie is released, people rush to find vintage toys like the one in the clip below.

Ford Bronco U13

This gorgeous, drivable Bronco was sold to Mike in Lafayette, Indiana for $30,000 on a day-long pick through the barns of Dennis Clark. Dennis was a tough negotiator, but willing to sell, making for an entertaining episode that starred this teal automobile.

1922 Ace 4-Cylinder Bike

The Ace was a special find that cost the pickers a cool $45,000, but as one of the rarest vintage motorcycles, it was worth it. The bike was just part of the treasure-filled season 17 premiere, which aired earlier this year. Mike and Frank spent $90,000 in one place on multiple bikes and cars, making it their biggest pick ever.

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