Brooklyn Nine-Nine on FOX Recap: The Audit

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After a midseason break, Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s fourth season is back on Tuesday nights on FOX. While I’m sad to see New Girl go (maybe forever?), Brooklyn Nine-Nine is filling in with its own quirky humor and loving relationships.

In ‘The Audit,’ the Nine-Nine is one of the 22 Brooklyn precincts in danger of being shut down. Apparently, crime is decreasing in the borough, so each precinct must gear up for an audit. I have to guess that putting together an appearance of normalcy and appropriate decision-making skills is harder for the Nine-Nine than the other 21 precincts in Brooklyn.

This difficulty is further complicated by the fact that the auditor is none other than Amy’s ex-boyfriend Teddy, who Jake has dubbed “the most boring man alive.” In the end (after some funny moments I’ll get to in a minute), Teddy recuses himself from the audit. This is a big sigh of relief, because no other auditor will have such a personal vendetta against the offers of the Nine-Nine – or so we think.

In the last moments of the episode, we’re introduced to Veronica, the new auditor. She also happens to be Terry’s ex-girlfriend, and it sounds like she won’t have the same decency Teddy ended up showing…

Now for some seemingly random, delightfully funny moments:

Gina’s back! After a run-in with a bus earlier this season, she is stronger than ever, or so she says. I don’t know about her physical abilities at this point, but her trademark dry humor is definitely pretty strong. Case in point:

Gina: “Yeah, I mean I was legally dead for two full minutes. And I met God.” Rosa: “Tight. What does she look like?” Gina: “Ethnically ambiguous.”

An awkward jazz brunch double date between Jake/Amy and Teddy/his new girlfriend Rachel was over-the-top in the best way. And Teddy confessing his love for (and proposing to) Amy in the aftermath in way so clueless only Teddy could do it was pretty great too.

We won’t have to wait four months for the Nine-Nine’s next catastrophe. Catch the next episode, April 18th on FOX!

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