College Basketball on DISH Network

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There are so many exciting sports to watch, but college basketball has to be at the top of the list! While we wish we could be at every game live, there’s something awesome about sitting down with friends and watching in your own living room to cheer your favorite teams on. If you’re excited about watching the 2023-2024 college basketball season, you’ve got to make the switch to the DISH Network today!

DISH Network shows the biggest and best college basketball games from around the country, as well as in your local markets. Plus, they offer a huge array of extra features that make college basketball season the best!

What DISH Channels Show College Basketball?

College basketball, and college sports in general are unique in that its games are shown on a wide variety of channels – many of which DISH Network currently offers. With DISH, you can be sure to catch college basketball on channels such as CBS, PAC-12 Network, SEC Network, ABC, Longhorn Network, BIG Ten Network, as well as ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, and ESPN News. Those channels will air hundreds of college basketball games throughout the regular season and even many post-season tournament games in March!

DISH Network is the home for college basketball fanatics!

Best DISH Plans For College Basketball

There is a wide variety of plans perfect for college basketball lovers – it just depends on exactly what you’re looking for! The America’s Top 120+ plan has every channel you’d need to watch all the biggest games, including CBS, FOX, ABC, PAC-12 Network, SEC Network, and more! The America’s Top 200 plan includes those channels plus CBS Sports Network, while the America’s Top 250 plan includes all the previous channels mentioned plus NBA TV and some professional basketball coverage. All-in-all, America’s Top 120+ is a great plan for anybody who’s looking to watch the best college basketball games and coverage in the 2023-2024 season!

For a full list of which DISH Network’s Sports Channels are on each plan – check out our helpful guide!

Stream College Basketball On-The-Go With DISH Anywhere

It always seems like life is getting in the way of watching your favorite college basketball team, but fear not! With DISH Network, you can steam all your favorite games directly to your smartphones and tablets, thanks to the DISH Anywhere App. It’s not just live games either – you can watch every channel on your DISH Network plan, as well as on-demand and recorded content. The DISH Anywhere App also allows users to set and manage their DVR recordings!

With DISH Network and the DISH Anywhere App, you never have to miss a game again!

College Basketball Tournaments on DISH Network

Regular season basketball is great, and provides hours of entertainment, but everyone knows it’s all going for glory in the postseason tournaments. If you’re a college basketball fan, you know exactly what you’re doing this March, and DISH Network is there for you! DISH Channels such as CBS, TruTV, TNT, and more are loaded wall-to-wall with college basketball coverage all March long.

Catch every buzzer beater you could imagine this March, with DISH Network!

DISH Game Finder

With 352 Division 1 colleges and university basketball teams, there is a constant stream of live games almost every night from November to March. That gives college basketball fans the fun, but tough, task of finding exactly which game they want to watch each night! With the DISH Game Finder you can easily view all of the top games each night including live stats and scores! You can also access the Game Finder on the DISH Anywhere App, so you can watch anywhere you go, or use your find to view scores from other games while watching a live game on your tv.

The DISH Game Finder makes it easier than ever to set your favorite teams, and find the games you want to watch!

Watch 4 Games At Once With DISH Multi-View or Picture-In-Picture

Some nights, there will be multiple college basketball games that you want to watch – and now you can! With DISH Multi-View, you can choose up to 4 live games or programs you can watch at the same time. You can even set audio levels so you hear exactly which game you’ like, while keeping tabs on the other 3 games. DISH Network also offers a Picture-In-Picture mode if you’d like to focus on one main game, while also having another smaller game playing live in the corner.

If you’re a college basketball fan who feels like they can never get enough – DISH Network is the TV provider for you!