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Cricket is one the most popular sports in the entire world, and it only continues to grow! There are leagues and international competitions happening throughout the year including the ICC Cricket World Cup, The Ashes, The Asia Cup, and more – and you can watch them all on Sling TV! With the Willow Cricket channel, Sling TV is your one stop shop for every live cricket match you could want, plus 24/7 coverage and analysis of the sport! Make the switch to Sling TV today and never miss a match again!

The 2023 Cricket World Cup is hosted all across India and matches kick off on Thursday, October 5th – so there’s still time to make the switch to DISH Network today!

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Watch Willow Cricket Online

The Willow Cricket channel is the best way to watch domestic and international cricket matches here in the United States. They’re constantly showing the biggest and best international competitions like the Men’s & Women’s Cricket World Cup, European Cricket Championship and more! The Willow Cricket Channel also shows a wide range of domestic cricket fixtures including the Australian Big Bash League, Indian Premier League, and more!

How To Watch Willow Cricket On Sling

If you want to get the Willow Cricket channel in your home, you have quite a few options!! Sling TV customers can easily add the channel to any of their live TV plans for only $10/month. That gets you all of your favorite domestic and international cricket matches from across the world, right on your home tv or mobile devices. There has never been an easier way to stay updated on cricket than with Willow Cricket on Sling!

Willow Cricket Bundles

You can simply add the Willow Cricket channel to any Sling TV plan, but it is also included in a few channel packs such as the Desi Binge Plus and Dakshi bundles. These channel packs are great options if you want to watch live Indian news, tv, and movies, as they include a wide variety of live Indian channels. The Desi Binge Plus pack focuses on high quality original content, and features channels like Simply South, hotstar specials, MXONE, and more – while the Dakshin pack revolves around live TV shows and news programs on channels like Sun News, Raj TV, Karali News, and more!

Stream Live Cricket Matches On Willow Cricket

If you want to stream all of the latest cricket matches from across the world – Willow Cricket is the channel for you. They show all of the biggest international and domestic cricket matches, regardless of where you are. With Sling TV, you can watch cricket with all your friends and family in your home or on-the-go with the Sling TV mobile app.

Willow Cricket FAQs

Watching all your favorite cricket is easy with Willow Cricket on Sling TV, but we know you may have a few other questions! We’ll try to tackle any frequent questions here in our FAQ section!

Does Sling TV have cricket?

Yes! You can add the Willow Cricket channel onto any Sling TV plan, and that will allow you to watch hundreds of matches throughout the year. Willow Cricket shows everything from international cricket competitions to domestic leagues in countries such as India, England, Australia, and more!

How can I watch live cricket on Sling?

If you are a huge cricket supporter, you should add the Willow Cricket channel to your Sling TV plan! It only costs $10/month and will allow you to watch 24/7 coverage of the cricket world including full matches, analysis, and more!

What matches can I watch in Sling?

You can watch cricket matches of all types on Sling TV! With the Willow Cricket channel you can see international tournaments such as the ICC Cricket World Cup, European Cricket Championship, and Women’s Cricket World Cup, while also keeping up with professional leagues such as the Indian Premier League and Australian Big Bash League!

Is Willow Cricket free with Sling?

The Willow Cricket channel is not free on Sling, but it can be added to any Sling TV plan for just $10/month. With the channel add-on, you can watch Willow Cricket in your home or on mobile devices!

Which sling package has Willow Cricket?

Willow Cricket can be added on to any Sling TV package for just $10/month. It is also included in two channel packs – the Desi Binge Plus bundle for $15/month or the Dashkin Pack for $10/month. Both of these packs have some of the best Indian shows, news programs, and movies across 15+ channels for one low price!