Gilmore Girls 10 Years Later

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It’s been exactly 10 years since the last episode of Gilmore Girls aired on May 15th in 2007. Rory was heading off to work on Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign, and skinny scarves and bell sleeves were still in style. To celebrate, we’re following our 10 favorite Gilmore Girls characters through the last 10 years, as they voice video games, star in their own shows and turn to the big screen. Lucky for us, these actors were all kind enough to grace us with their presence in A Year in the Life as well – even if they’re not feeling another season of the revival (looking at you Milo ?).

The Gilmore Girls

Alexis Bledel Alexis had no acting experience when she was cast in Gilmore Girls in 2000, but that didn’t stop her from nabbing incredible roles after the series ended. Fans of the series likely also loved the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, starring Alexis as Lena. With parts in Post Grad, The Conspirator, The Kate Logan Affair and Girl Walks into a Bar, Alexis stayed busy until her next TV gig, Mad Men. She’s currently gracing Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale with her presence as Offglen.

Lauren Graham Lauren has been busy since Gilmore Girls ended in 2007, acting on both TV and the big screen. She played Joan in Evan Almighty and Lynn in It’s Kind of a Funny Story, as well as voiced Fran Lockwood in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. In 2010, Lauren joined the cast of NBC’s critically acclaimed Parenthood as Sarah Braverman (and started dating costar Peter Krause ?) and also played Grace Tiverton in Web Therapy in 2014. Coming soon: Linda From HR on FOX.

Kelly Bishop Kelly hasn’t slowed down since the last episode of Gilmore Girls aired in 2007. She acted in movies like Friends with Kids and A Novel Romance, plus held roles on Law & Order: SVU, Mercy and Bunheads (with Sean Gunn!). She also held a role on The Good Wife (with another Gilmore Girls favorite, Matt Czuchry). Nothing is in the works for Kelly since the Gilmore Girls revival, but after her incredible career, we don’t mind if she takes a little break.

The Best of Stars Hollow

Keiko Agena It seems like Keiko has been everywhere since the last episode of Gilmore Girls in 2007. Her credits include roles in Kim Possible (you go girl ?), Private Practice, ER, Castle, House, Transformers, Scandal and NCIS: Los Angeles. She played Brittany Sturgess in Shameless, voiced BirdBird in LearningTown and kicked butt in Super(fluous). Keiko has also been busy since the revival, acting in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why and the mini-series Flip the Script.

Scott Patterson Scott’s best role will always be Luke for many Gilmore Girls fans, but he’s been gracing the big and small screens with his presence throughout the last 10 years. Many will recognize him from Saw IV, V and VI, in which he played Agent Peter Strahm. TV audiences saw him in Aliens in America, 90210, The Event and even CSI: Miami. Scott will be busy this year, with 3 movies on the way: The Rogue, Liberty and Con Man.

Yanic Truesdale Much of Yanic’s work since Gilmore Girls has been in Canada, including the award-winning Mohawk Girls and the French Mauvais Karma. American audiences have seen him in The Fixer and Sing It!, as well as on ABC’s The Catch.

Sean Gunn Perhaps the most eclectic citizen of Stars Hallow, Sean has been busy on a variety of projects since 2007. He played the role of Rooster on October Road, followed by roles in the movies Pants on Fire and Super. His voice can be heard on the video game Lollipop Chainsaw and he also appeared on Glee in 2012. Like Kelly, he held a role in Bunheads and also played Jason O’Brien on H+ as well as appeared on Superstore and Bones. He reprised his Guardians of the Galaxy role in Volume 2, which is currently in theaters.

Pick a Team

Jared Padalecki It wasn’t long after leaving Gilmore Girls that Jared found his long-running role as Sam Winchester on Supernatural, a character he also voiced in the animated version of the series. Jared also acted in a few movies, including House of Wax, Friday the 13th and Phantom Boy over the last 10 years.

Milo Ventimiglia Milo has a habit of choosing only the best TV shows and movies to work on (his first role was on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, after all). Since Gilmore Girls, he’s graced us with his presence on The Bedford Diaries, Rocky Balboa, Heroes, Wolverine, Mob City, Chosen, Gotham, the Whispers and a whole lot more. His latest TV show, This is Us, is already a classic and he has two movies out this year: Sandy Wexler and Devil’s Gate.

Matt Czuckry Matt’s first role after Gilmore Girls was Friday Night Lights (he played Chris Kennedy), a pretty good start, if you ask us. After performances in I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell and The 19th Wife, he played a dashing Cary Agos on The Good Wife. He’s currently working on The Resident, a FOX medical drama.

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