How to Watch TV without a Contract

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Whether you’re looking to upgrade to a new phone or need new roofing on your home, before anything else, a signature on a contract is required. When it comes to TV and internet service, you’re usually stuck in long contracts and can face large early termination fees, but DISH lets you watch TV without a contract thanks to Flex TV!

What is Flex TV?

Flex TV is a program offered by DISH that lets you subscribe to the channel package of your choice without signing a contract. Now, you can you enjoy watching TV without a long term contract, credit check or cancellation fees! Flex TV is an affordable solution, with packages starting at just $59.99 per month and zero monthly equipment fees (that’s because YOU own the equipment). DISH gives you complete flexibility with the ability to upgrade or cancel your Flex TV package at any time – without worrying about high cancellation fees.

Say Goodbye to Contracts with Flex TV

Flexibility never sounded so good! When looking for no contract TV providers, DISH is the clear choice because no one else offers such amazing features and benefits. With Flex TV, you enjoy no contract TV, plus these perks and more:

  • No monthly equipment fees.
  • No credit check or credit card required.
  • Free installation as soon as tomorrow.
  • Free premium movie channels.*
  • Tons of customizable channel package options.
  • Upgrade or cancel at any time with no fees.

Check out all of DISH’s TV Options

While there are great benefits to choosing a TV package without a contract, there are also benefits a contract can provide you, like a 2 year price guarantee. You’ll also miss the chance for upfront savings like no-cost equipment and a free Hopper 3 upgrade. No matter how you choose to configure your TV plan, DISH offers a great way to get the channels you love!

Is contract-free TV with Flex TV the right fit for your family? Learn more about the benefits of a Flex TV package!

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