31 Days Of Halloween – 2022 Movie Guide

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31 Days of Halloween 2021 Movie Guide

Why celebrate Halloween on just one night, when you can celebrate it all month long? Here’s our 31 Days of Halloween, a list of more than 2 dozen spooky movies, one for each day of October. There’s no better way to celebrate Halloween!

In this list there’s a little bit of everything: classic horrors, kid-friendly Halloween movies and funny comedies. Sit down, order a pizza or pop some popcorn. There’s no reason to not be fully prepared for Halloween this year!

Day 1: The Addams Family

Creepy and mysterious for sure, but this family isn’t scary. The Addams Family’s eccentric lifestyle is threatened when Gomez’s estranged brother tries to steal the family fortune. This film is without a doubt one of the best family Halloween movies and deserves to be first on the list!

Day 2: Hocus Pocus

In this classic Disney Halloween movie, three evil witches are accidently conjured up from 17th century Salam and are now pranking the town. The kids who accidently conjured them up now have to somehow steal the witches’ book of spells to stop them before it’s too late! This is another not-so-scary movie that kids can join in on.

Day 3: A Nightmare On Elm Street

This classic horror and the 2010 reboot are about a ghost serial killer named Freddy Krueger. He finds and kills his unsuspecting victims in their dreams. After watching one of these films, you might not get much sleep tonight. If we’re to believe the rumors, Halloween-horror lovers can rejoice, as another remake is likely on the way.

Day 4: Ghostbusters

Whether you enjoy the 1984 original or the 2016 remake, Ghostbusters is about a ghost invasion taking over Manhattan and four city natives banding together to stop it. The remake’s PG-13 rating makes it a better Halloween movie for tweens and teens.

Day 5: Casper

This classic, easily one of the best family Halloween movies, is about a paranormal expert and his daughter who explore an abandoned mansion together. This haunted house is home to three mischievous ghosts and one friendly one. Casper, the friendly ghost, befriends the daughter and discovers a secret that can possibly bring him back to life.

Day 6: The Craft

Sarah transfers to a new high school and ends up befriending 3 wannabe witches. Unfortunately, the 3 can’t do anything right because they’re missing a fourth member. Their friendship quickly deteriorates as they terrorize those who even slightly anger them, including one another. Who will end up on top in this Halloween movie power struggle?

Day 7: The Uninvited

After Anna’s very ill mother dies in a fire, Anna tries to commit suicide and is sent to a mental hospital for treatment. Almost a year later, Anna is released and comes back home to some pretty large household changes. Ultimately, her recovery is sidetracked by her stepmother’s ill treatment and horrific visions of her dead mother. In the end, Anna ends up discovering the truth about what really happened during the fire. This is a Halloween horror movie that will give you chills!

Day 8: Children Of The Corn

A young couple wandered into a remote town and is now trapped. Surrounded by corn fields, this town is home to a dangerous cult of children who believe that everyone over age of 18 must be killed. This scary Halloween film is based off of a short story written by Steven King.

Day 9: The Queen Of The Damned

Vampire Lestat awakens from his two century nap and becomes increasingly bored with his existence. He decides to be a part of the new world around him, joining a band. As a rock star, Lestat betrays his fellow vampires, wakes up Queen (who wants him as king) and is followed by a young girl trying to study him. This film is a loose adaptation of the third novel of Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles series.

Day 10: The Wicker Man

In this Halloween movie, a sheriff begins investigating the disappearance of a young girl and discovers that there’s a larger mystery to solve in this odd community. Something isn’t quite right here; the town’s citizens are hostile and unhelpful to his search efforts. When he finally does locate the missing girl, he learns the truth about what really goes on here.

Day 11: Se7en

Two detectives, a rookie and a veteran pair, stumble upon a series of elaborate and horrific murders. They soon realize that they are dealing with a serial killer who targets people based on one of the seven deadly sins he thinks each victim represents. This thriller is definitely a Halloween movie for adults only!

Day 12: The Grudge

American exchange student Karen covers for another nurse who didn’t show up for work one day. When she arrives at what looks like an abandoned house, the elderly woman living in it is unresponsive. It’s clear that a vengeful curse has taken root in this house. Now Karen must stop it before it’s too late.

Day 13: 1408

Cynical but successful supernatural debunker and author Mike Enslin checks into the famous room 1408 at the Dolphin Hotel. Soon after settling in, he figures out exactly why this room is permanently unavailable for guests. This is yet another scary Halloween movie adapted from a Stephen King story.

Day 14: Unfriended

One night, five best friends Facetiming and are suddenly joined by a mysterious person known only as screenname Billie227. While frantically attempting to expose the mystery person on the chat, everyone is forced to face their deepest darkest secrets.

Day 15: The Babadook

Mother is deeply troubled about her husband’s violent death, while her son’s hallucinations are spiraling out of control. She slowly discovers that her son is actually telling the truth about a monster that entered their home through a children’s book.

Day 16: Saw

Start the second half of your 31 Days of Halloween with a classic scary Halloween movie! Saw is the beginning of a six horror film series where two strangers wake up in a room with no memory of how they got there or why. They soon discover that they’re now pawns in a deadly game orchestrated by a notorious serial killer. The task at hand is to kill the other by 6 pm, or his wife and child die.

Day 17: 28 Days Later

A misguided group of animal rights activists release a caged chimp infected with a deadly virus in a medical research lab. This incurable virus spreads like wildfire throughout the city. A handful of survivors quarantined together must repopulate and start over again.

Day 18: The Exorcist

One of the most popular horror movies ever made, this is a must-watch film! Something evil is happening in this little girl’s room. She has been possessed by a mysterious spirit and her mother seeks help from two priests to save her daughter before it’s too late.

Day 19: The Shining

Jack Torrance takes a job as the caretaker of an old isolated hotel for the winter with his family. Slowly, the evil presence living there influences Jack into violence, while his son sees horrific things from both the past and the future. Jack has gone completely insane and the only thing that can save Danny and his mother is the “Shining.”

Day 20: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Both original 1975 movie and 2016 reboot follow the story of Janet and Brad, a couple stranded on a dark and rainy night. After their car breaks down, they walk to the closest neighbor and are invited inside while the neighbor is hosting an annual science convention. This is where all the fun begins!

Day 21: Boo! A Madea Halloween

Madea spends her Halloween fending off everything from killers and ghouls to poltergeists and zombies while keeping a watchful eye on a group of misbehaving teens in her neighborhood. This funny Halloween movie is a great pick for tweens and teens.

Day 22: Scream

The once-peaceful town of Woodsboro is the unsuspecting location of a string of murders. Now Sidney, a resident of the town, is a target of the famous mask killer! Is this murderer the same one who killed her mother just a year earlier?

Day 23: Shaun of the Dead

Shaun’s life is a mess. He’s a 30-something loser with a dull and easy life. His girlfriend desperately wants him to grow up, but he doesn’t. That is, until the town is inexplicitly overrun with zombies. Now Shaun must survive, protect his mother and get his girlfriend back.

Day 24: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

This film, loosely based on the short story, features Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane investigating the death of three people whom have fallen victim to the Headless Horseman. He doesn’t believe their stories – until he sees for himself. The small town of Sleepy Hallow is under attack and needs help fast.

Day 25: Devil

This 2010 film features five strangers trapped in an elevator. Tensions begin to rise and then everything goes awry; the power flickers and goes out. When the light comes back on, a stranger is brutally murdered. Who is the murder among them?

Day 26: Sixth Sense

Child psychologist Crowe is hired to help a young boy who talks to ghosts that don’t know they’re dead. At first Crowe thinks the child is seeing things, but as their relationship deepens throughout this Halloween movie, he discovers that he might be seeing dead people after all.

Day 27: The Neighbor

Most people keep to themselves in this town – until now. John’s girlfriend is missing and he’s suspicious of the next door neighbor, so he breaks into the house. What he finds next is beyond alarming; will he make it out of the house alive or become another one of his neighbor’s victims?

Day 28: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

In this horror classic/slasher movie remake, five friends traveling through Texas pick up a traumatized hitchhiker that ends up committing suicide inside their van. They stop into town to get help and find themselves being hunted down by a man with a chainsaw. It’s loosely based on a real story and is rather graphic. You might want to watch with the lights on!

Day 29: The Amityville Horror

This Halloween film is based very loosely on a real story and book. The Lutz family moves into their new beautiful Long Island house. After just a month of living there, the family moves out, claiming to be terrorized by paranormal activity. The home is the site of a grisly mass murder that happened only a year before they moved in.

Day 30: Paranormal Activity

Soon after moving into suburbia, couple Katie and Micah becomes increasingly aware of the supernatural presence living inside their new home. They set up cameras around their home to capture evidence but are certainly not prepared for what happens next.

Day 31: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

The best movie to watch on Halloween is without a doubt It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. This family-friendly movie is perfect for everyone to watch together! Charlie Brown is finally invited to a Halloween party and his best friend Linus waits for the mysterious Great Pumpkin at the pumpkin patch.

Throwing a Halloween party? Pair these must-watch Halloween movies with adorable spooky snacks, bobbing for apples and a costume party for the creepiest celebration of the year!

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