The 5 Best Music Technologies of 2017

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Technological advancements have paved a way to the inception of music technologies for musicians and music lovers. In fact, these great devices intend to improve musicians’ activities and innovate the way they create or consume music. With a myriad of music technologies available today, we listed five of the best innovations of 2017.

#1 Speakstick

The SpeakStick was once a humble technology that has been transmuted into three innovative waterproof gadgets. Today, it offers the ability to listen to music regardless of the time and circumstance, not to mention the waterproof feature that allows you to sing in the shower. It is designed with a suction cap, simple navigation, quality speaker, rigid silicon cover, and a waterproof casing to protect it from dust and water penetration.

SpeakStick waterproof speakers are readily available any time, any day for music streaming whether you want it in the bathroom, pool, mountain, or camp. Therefore, you can listen to music by all means.

#2 Singtrix

Who wouldn’t want to sound as great as their favorite singer? Singtrix is an award-winning karaoke machine system with awesome and innovative technology that will make you sing like a pro even if you’re not. This is the perfect machine for up and coming musicians and vocalists, who want to sound good and exceptional whatever songs or genre they sing. With over 300 voice effects, live vocal technology, pitch correction, and more, you can sing all day. It is also compatible with YouTube and other devices like smartphones and Androids. Hence, you are free to choose songs from your music library.

#3 Phonotonic

Phonotonic’s slogan “Don’t Play Music. Be Music.” was given life with the development of the Phonotonic gadget. This is not your common music device in which you just have to play and listen to your tunes. It is a ground-breaking and unique technology that produces rhythms based on your movement–whether you run, jump, groove, or whatever crazy acts you do. It communicates via Bluetooth and the movements are transformed into music in real time. It promotes interactivity and creates exclusive sound, which you can record, save, and share. Phonotonic’s sensor is enclosed with rigid protection. It is silicon sealed so it doesn’t matter whether you throw and drop it while grooving.

#4 Musicpro Electronic Earplugs

If you are a musician or a music lover who enjoys attending concerts and music performances, the Musicpro electronic earplug can protect your ears from loud, deafening sound without compromising the music quality. Etymotic’s Musicpro Electronic Plug is an optimal option for musicians needing hearing protection during gigs. It has tips to properly fit your ears. It receives, cleans, and tempers the sound to deliver quality music through its balanced-armature drivers. The battery also lasts between 7-8 hours for lasting protection.

#5 Tanvas

The web is now bombarded with a whole lot of visuals, but Ed Colgate and Michael Peshkin’s creation has put weight to the sense of touch, which is really incredible! Tanvas made it possible for you to feel anything on a touch screen, whether it is a garment, fur, ball, a guitar string or whatever—the application is limitless. Tanvas supports music applications so you’ll be feeling the strings while strumming the Tanva’s screen as if you are playing a real guitar! Who wouldn’t be amazed?

SpeakStick, Tanvas, Musicpro, Singtrix, and Phonotonic are only a few of the best technologies created to make music streaming more amusing and entertaining. Enjoy listening and creating music with these innovative devices.

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