The Home Renovation Revolution: The Truth about Home Improvement Shows

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The world of home improvement television has exploded since it first began sometime in 1979 with the arrival of “This Old House,” a PBS show that looked at renovating historical homes. That show is still going strong today, with an exciting collection of rock-star cast members that are ready to captivate crowds of restoration fans.

Over the years, restoration television has seen a boost in popularity thanks to the creation of networks like “DIY” and “HGTV,” which are all about embracing your fantasies for a bigger, better home. In fact, television that shines the spotlight on buying homes and remodeling them has proven irresistible for viewers. Some research even suggests that by the end of 2013, HGTV was the second most popular channel on weekend cable for viewers between the ages of 25-54.

So, what does that mean for the reality of home remodeling?

We Love Home Renovation Inspiration

Beautiful homes, crafty restoration ideas, ideas for building your own dream home from scratch. Home renovation shows get our creative juices flowing like never before. We love day-dreaming about the magical transformation that we could achieve with our own properties if we only had the right team and a little paint.

In fact, the popularity of home renovation shows could even be partially responsible for the rise in home improvement expenditures over recent years. According to reports from Harvard’s Joint Center for housing, by the start of 2017, home improvement spends went up to 8%. That’s much higher than the historical average of 4.9%.

Home Improvement Shows Teach Us Valuable Lessons

For most viewers, home improvement shows are a fun and simple way to indulge in a fantasy of what our homes could be. We dream of stainless-steel kitchens and backyard designs that rival the beauty of Central Park.

However, for those in the midst of real-estate shopping or remodeling ideas, they also provide an education into what construction can really look like, and the ideas that you might want to consider for your own creations. Viewers are exposed to inspiration that helps them to launch their own ventures, and our addiction to home-improvement TV has actually helped to make us a little smarter about home buying.

The more we watch these shows, the more we learn about the problems to look out for with new homes, and the issues we might need to think about during construction. The only problem is that many viewers assume that each show is completely realistic.

Though home improvement shows can help us to feel more inspired, they’re not completely realistic. It’s important for home owners to keep the facts in mind when they’re investing cash into new, or existing real estate.

The Realities to Remember about Home Renovation

When you’re enjoying your own home renovation experience, keep these important facts in mind:

  1. It’ll take longer than an hour: This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people assume that huge projects will be completed in no time, simply because they’ve watched too much “reality” television. Most of the projects that are shown on home improvement shows have been seriously condensed, and they don’t show off the constant struggle between contractors and homeowners when it comes to getting things done.
  2. It won’t look perfect straight away: A home renovation project usually ends with everything you own being covered in dust. No one’s going to clean everything up (except for you), and it will also be up to you to transform your property back into a “home.” Once the contractors are finished, you’ll still need to wash windows, introduce throw pillows, and add extra accessories.
  3. You might have to chase your contractors: On renovation shows, all the contractors show up on time, work through the night, and make sure the job is done by the deadline. Unfortunately, that’s not something that you can expect from a realistic home improvement project. Your contractors will work their hardest, but they’ll still only have set hours during the day when they’re going to tackle your project.

Today, home improvement shows have become a huge obsession for people all across the country. They’re a great way for you to educate yourself about real-estate, and inspire yourself to make some amazing changes to your home. However, make sure that you stay realistic with your expectations. Remember, reality television isn’t always as real as it seems.

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