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Love dogs? Awesome, because so does FidoTV! Watch all dog programming, all day long! FidoTV has paired up with the American Kennel Club to bring programming solely dedicated to all things dog straight to your TV. Here’s five of the most popular shows on FidoTV to get you started.

1. Dogs With Jobs

Watch working dogs do their jobs around the world. This documentary TV series features service dogs, police dogs, herding dogs and search and rescue dogs while they are on the job.

2. Pet Heroes

Watch extraordinary examples of dog heroism on Pet Heroes! This documentary TV series features dramatic reenactments and live interviews with the pet owners of these incredible stories!

3. Pick A Puppy

Watch families search for their ideal dog companions on Pick A Puppy! This reality TV show takes families to animal shelters and breeders on their search to find the perfect dog family member.

4. Send In The Dogs: Australia

Watch the courageous and dangerous work that Australia’s State Police Dog Units do every day. This TV series features police dogs helping track and capture criminals on the run.

5. Tibor To The Rescue

Watch professional dog trainer Tibor Feigel work with dogs who are in need of serious training. This TV series features Tibor training troubled shelter dogs, working with private clients and tips about solving common behavioral problems.

FidoTV Is Always Available In America’s Top 120+ Package On Channel 245.

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