Talk To Your TV With Your Remote

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Your TV viewing experience just got better! That’s because now you can search and control your Hopper 3 and Joeys, just by talking to them – thanks to the DISH Network Voice Remote.

Just Tell Your Remote What You Want To Do

Want to watch a Jim Carrey movie? No problem! Forget what channel HGTV is on? We got it! Simply press and hold the button to enable voice recognition to talk to your remote and talk. With DISH’s Otto technology, it’s that easy. Plus, searching goes beyond your DISH package channels. You can also use the voice-controlled remote to search your Hopper apps like Netflix. The Voice Remote includes innovative touch controls that will make it your go-to for entertainment management. With fewer buttons and an easy-to-use scroll pad that responds to swipes, scrolls and clicks, this remote is great for everyone from kids to grandparents. Don’t squint to find the volume button while watching a movie with the lights dimmed. Instead, turn on the remote’s helpful backlight with the press of a button. Your new Voice Remote has one more helpful feature that families love – the ability to find the remote, even deep in the couch cushions, with the press of a button on your Hopper. Just follow the flashing lights and sound to your remote, wherever it may be.

Examples Of Phrases Your Voice Remote Can Understand:

  • “HGTV” or “Watch HGTV”
  • “Fixer Upper”
  • “Movies With Jim Carrey”
  • “Comedy Movies”
  • “Comedies With Louis CK”
  • “Movies From The 90s”
  • “Buffalo Bills”
  • “Football”
  • “Game Finder” or “Launch Game Finder”
  • “Guide”
  • “DVR”
  • “Parental Controls”
  • “Record This”

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