5 Shows to Fuel your Wanderlust on Travel Channel

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Do you love going on vacation, exploring new places and dreaming of new places to visit? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then tune in to the Travel Channel on DISH, channel 196! With everything from unique international cuisine to the world’s biggest cities, there’s a show for every travel lover.

If you’re looking for a new TV show to inspire your next vacation, or just a little trip across the world (without actually getting on a plane!) check out these 5 shows on Travel Channel.

1. Bizarre Foods

Host Andrew Zimmern, also a chef and food writer, takes viewers around the world to watch as he eats delicacies from small towns and big cities. He covers markets, restaurants and home chef’s creations in destinations like Croatia, Amsterdam and Mexico. Watch as the most bizarre foods each location has to offer are featured with vivid descriptions of taste and texture.

2. Xtreme Waterparks

Are you a thrill seeker? See the largest and most intense water slides and rides from all over the world on Xtreme Waterparks! Take a trip to adrenaline-pumping parks in the Bahamas, Thailand, Brazil and more, all without leaving your couch. And if you just happen to be in the area while Travel Channel is filming one of their waterpark adventures, it could be you screaming down the slides.

3. Metropolis

Metropolis features some of the largest cities around the world as you’ve never seen them before, with historical secrets and little known facts. The history and culture of each city is explored through its architecture, food, nightlife and people. If you love discovering the history of everywhere you visit, you’ll love this Travel Channel show.

4. America the Beautiful

Robert Redford narrates as experts swim, kayak, climb, glide, tent and photograph their way through America’s beautiful national parks. If you’re planning a trip to one of the featured parks, which include Yosemite, Isle Royale National Park and Pu’ukohola Heiau National Historic Site, this Travel Channel show can help you find the best sights and most thrilling adventures.

5. Mysteries at the Monument

Watch host Don Wildman investigate monuments and statues across the world on Mysteries at the Monument. Follow along to learn more about the history, events and stories behind popular monuments and parks. For more international enigmas, check out Mysteries at the Museum, Mysteries at the Castle and Mysteries at the National Parks!

Travel Channel is always available in America’s Top 120+ package on channel 196.

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