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How To Watch TV On Your Phone

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Our smartphones let us listen to our favorite music, watch hilarious videos on YouTube, keep up with friends on social media, and even control our thermostat and appliances. Shouldn’t you be able to watch your entire TV package on your phone too? With DISH, the answer is yes!

Watch DISH on Your Phone with the DISH Hopper

If you’re wondering how to watch TV on your phone, we’re excited to tell you that it is 100% possible! With DISH, all of your live channels, DVR recordings and On Demand favorites are available on your phone from anywhere in the world. This is possible thanks to DISH’s Sling technology, which is included in your DISH Hopper.

When your Hopper is connected to the internet, it broadcasts live channels and shows you’ve already recorded to your phone through the DISH Anywhere app. You can also enjoy entertainment from your DISH TV package without using your phone plan’s data. Just download recorded episodes from your Hopper DVR to your phone and watch them without an internet connection.

Travel plans in your future? The Sling technology that lets you watch DISH on your phone can keep you entertained no matter where you are. Kids will love watching episodes of their favorite shows during a road trip, or download recorded movies to your phone for a long flight. Whether you’re on an east coast beach or climbing a mountain out west, you can watch TV on your phone with just the DISH Anywhere app and an internet connection.

Manage Your Recorded TV on Your Phone

Your favorite show premieres tonight and your hometown team is playing Sunday – but you’re out of town all week for work. Don’t worry! DISH Network lets you turn your phone into a remote, so you’ll be able to schedule your Hopper’s recordings from anywhere in the world. Plus, you can watch live on your phone in your hotel room or save the recording for the train ride home.

DISH Delivers TV on Your Phone

DISH’s unique DVR technology gives our customers control over their entertainment choices, including watching live from their phones. No other TV provider offers the same reliability, flexibility and affordability that DISH does.

Call DISH today at 1-833-682-2047 for TV on your phone no matter where you go!

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