Introducing The Hopper 3: Available Right Now!

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Say hello to the new and improved DVR system by Dish Network, the Hopper 3! It’s now faster, easier to use with cool new features to make watching your favorite shows easier.

Improved Search On The Hopper 3

With improved navigation the Hopper 3 is easier to use now than ever before. It is equipped predictive searches to help you find the shows you find what shows matter to you most. Plus, Netflix is now integrated with the Hopper 3’s search!

It’s 7x Faster Than Before

A faster processor makes everything easier! Your channel flipping and recording will be faster, so you don’t miss parts of your favorite shows.

4k Is On The Rise & You Can Watch It!

Now with the Hopper 3 you can watch, record and save your favorite shows in 4k! It’s equipped with a 2TB hard drive, allowing you to record what you want to without necessarily having to delete something you haven’t watched yet.

There’s A New Remote That Helps You Find It!

How often has the remote got stuck in the couch or fell behind somewhere? What if the remote could tell you where it is? Well now it can! At a press of a button on your Hopper 3, the remote will beep and flash until you both reunite.

The Hopper 3 Is Channel Conflict Free!

The hopper 3 is equipped with 16 tuners. This means you can record 16 movies or TV shows at the same time! That’s more than any other DVR can record in the world! With this many tuners, there’s no more resolving recording conflicts or compromising on what you’d like to record.

Other Cool Features

  • Built In Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Parental Controls
  • AutoHop – skips ads on select recorded prime-time shows.
  • SRS TruVolume – gets rid of volume fluctuations between your show and commercials.
  • Apps – Facebook, MLB Network, NBC sports, Pandora and more!
  • Adjustable Text
  • Favorite Lists

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