Netflix Is Now in DISH’s Universal Search

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Netflix titles are now in the search results of the Hopper 3! What does this mean? When you search your Hopper, you can choose to include results from Netflix with the click of a button. Start searching your Hopper for a show title, actor, sports team or movie and you’ll get results from both DISH and Netflix.

Attention binge watchers – this is even more awesome for you. Doing a search on the Hopper 3 will give you all the older seasons you normally find on Netflix combined with the newer episodes available on DISH Network, all in one place. Get all caught up on your favorite shows with the click of a button. Search for Friends and find all the episodes in order on Netflix, or watch tonight’s reruns on live TV – Universal Search can deliver both of these options.

Sports fan? You might not think this applies to you, but DISH is always thinking about how to keep die-hard fans happy! Use Universal Search to find the latest game on live TV, catch up on last week’s action recorded on your DVR, or discover documentaries about your favorite players on Netflix. All of this is available in a single search!

DISH and Netflix are constantly working together to bring the best entertainment value to your living room. With the Netflix app available on your Hopper 3 and Joeys throughout your home, DISH delivers the best of new and old seasons of your favorite shows. Now, with Netflix included in Universal Search, finding must-watch episodes and movies is easier than ever!

This feature is available now on the DISH Hopper 2 and 3! Upgrade today to DISH’s whole home entertainment system and find your favorite shows and movies, no matter where they’re available.

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