10 Last Minute Halloween Costumes Inspired by Your Favorite TV Characters

10 Last Minute Halloween Costumes Inspired by Your Favorite TV Characters

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With just a week left until Halloween, you may be in need of a last minute DIY costume. Creating a costume based on your favorite TV show character may just be the easiest Halloween costume you’ll ever put together! Whether you go solo as Bob Ross or Penny Proud, pair up as Blue and Steve from Blue’s Clues, or have a whole group of My Little Ponies, there’s inspiration in almost every show on TV.

These TV show costumes are simple DIY options for those of us who waited until the last minute:

Simple TV Character Costumes for One

Mindy, The Mindy Project

Who doesn’t want to be smart, focused, fun-loving Mindy Lahiri? This is a great DIY option that can easily be recreated.

  • Pink top and black skirt or pink dress
  • White lab coat with nametag
  • Stethoscope

Bob Ross, The Joy of Painting

Get some laughs with a rendition of this public television favorite. Bonus points if you paint a landscape throughout the night.

  • Jeans with belt
  • Blue button down shirt
  • Brown wig
  • Paint palette

Penny Proud, The Proud Family

This Disney Channel classic is easy to recreate for a unique TV character costume!

  • Purple skirt
  • White button down shirt
  • Pink cardigan
  • White socks
  • Pigtails

Last Minute Character Couples Costumes

Sheldon and Amy, The Big Bang Theory

Everyone’s favorite uber-smart couple is a super-simple last minute Halloween costume.

  • Sheldon: corduroy pants, The Flash t-shirt, long sleeve shirt
  • Amy: colored tights, skirt, button down shirt, cardigan, cross body bag

Bob and Linda, Bob’s Burgers

Dress up as Bob and Linda using stuff you already have in your dresser and kitchen.

  • Bob: khaki pants, white shirt, apron, spatula
  • Linda: jeans, red sweater, red glasses, apron

Arthur and Buster, Arthur

Siblings and friends can get in on this DIY costume that’s great for a pair.

  • Arthur: jeans, yellow sweater, white collared shirt, headband with brown ears
  • Buster: jeans, blue sweater, orange collared shirt, bunny ears

Pam and Jim, The Office

Bring your significant other to the office Halloween party with this appropriate last minute costume.

  • Pam: khaki skirt, button down shirt, cardigan, Dunder Mifflin nametag
  • Jim: button down shirt and tie, khakis, belt, coffee mug, Dunder Mifflin nametag

Blue and Steve, Blue’s Clues

This 90s duo is a great DIY Halloween costume. Just make a pair of ears out of a headband and you’ll be good to go!

  • Blue: blue dress (or top and pants), blue spotted ears
  • Steve: khaki pants, green striped sweater, white collared shirt, notebook

Easy DIY Group Character Costumes

My Little Pony, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Mix up colors and accent shapes to create a whole heard of magical ponies at the last minute.

  • Headband with ears
  • Shirt and pants in the same color
  • Tail – made of yarn, ribbon or tulle
  • Foam stickers shaped like stars, butterflies, etc.

Charlie Brown and Lucy, Charlie Brown

The rest of Charlie Brown’s gang is just as easy to replicate as Lucy and Charlie Brown himself.

  • Charlie Brown: black shorts, yellow polo with black stripe
  • Lucy: blue dress, football

Looking for a movie to get you in the Halloween spirit? Check out our list of some of the best Halloween movies for more spooky inspiration.

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