Watch the 2020 Super Bowl In 4K With DISH!

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'Watch the Super Bowl in 4k On DISH

The super bowl only happens once a year, so why not watch it in the highest picture quality? Catch the San Francisco 49ers battle the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, February 2nd in 4K resolution on DISH Channel 540. All you will need is a 4K rated television and either a DISH Hopper 3 or 4k Joey set-top-box.

Coverage Start Time and Kickoff

The game will be broadcasted by Fox, with pregame coverage in 4K starting at 1 p.m. EST. Want to jump right into action? The actual game is slated to kickoff around 6:30 p.m EST.

Access the Game Using Your DISH Voice Remote

DISH customers will be able to access the big game through a touch of a button in the DISH Voice Remote. When connected using Google Assistant, users can say words such as as “Super Bowl or “Fox” to find the game. With Google Assistant technologies, the remote will also be able to answer questions such as “who won the first superbowl” and “what city is hosting this years Super Bowl”.

Access the Super Bowl Anywhere With DISH

Cant make it to a TV to enjoy the game? DISH customters can enjoy live, recoreded, and on-demand programming from anywhere! Just download the DISH Anywhere App and you’ll have acccess to the Super Bowl on your phone, tablet, or laptop!

Let us know which team you’ll be rooting for this year and why below!

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